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The boring owl

En fabel som var den første engelskstilen jeg skrev i engelsk fordypning på ungdomsskolen.

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Sjanger:AnnetLastet opp:17.01.2005

Some time ago, in the tallest tree in a big forest, there lived a baby owl. The baby owl loved to study and all he wanted in his life was to outsmart everyone else. Since the owl loved to study so much he had no friends. He used all his time reading boring books while all the other animals were out playing. Once a lone girl rabbit came by looking for a friend, she saw the little owl.


-Hey cutie! Do you want to hide in those bushes and make out?

-No! The little owl said.

-I have to stay home and study so that I can be the wisest creature in the whole forest.

-Ok, then I’ll have to toddle off and find someone else then. The rabbit said.


Not long after she found a little cute puppy she liked and they found a bush and started sucking tongue. Then suddenly a lightning bolt hit the tallest trees and killed the animals living there, including the little owl. But the rabbit and the puppy sat safe under the protective bushes.


Live every day as it is your last, because one time you’ll be right!

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