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American minorities

Tekst som beskriver amerikanske minoriteter og deres levestandard. Jeg har fokusert mest på indianerne, men det er likevel en stil om minoriteter generelt.
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The United States of America is a big country. The size is about 3.618.000 km2. And it has 50 different states and one district. It lives A LOT of people there. And it is so much variety between the people. If you stand in a street in a normal city, you can hear so many different languages, and see so many different nationalities and faces. But that’s what America is all about. Anyone can come and start a new life here, in this big country of dreams. But is it true? Can anyone come to USA, disregarded how they look, and start a new life? I Doubt it.


In the USA it lives 74 % white, 12 % Afro-Americans, 9 % Latin Americans, 3 % Asians, and 0,8 % Indians, or Native Americans as they are sometimes called. But do all of them have the same rights? Can all of them do the same things? Is the American Dream true? Everyone knows its not.


The Afro-Americans experience racism every single day. It is the same with the Latin Americans, the Asians, and the few Indians that are left. If a black man goes across the street, he will probably get nasty looks from at least two or three white people. “Oh my, it is one of them! Maybe he is going to rob me! I better hide!” This could be taken right out of an elderly woman’s mind. She can look rather cute and innocent, but sometimes, - and often is it, the elderly who can be the worst. Some of them can be very narrow-minded at times. Many of them still think all Japanese people are bad after World War 2, and the men who was in the Vietnam War, often have so much hatred against the Vietnamese that they don’t know what to do with them selves.


“What are YOU looking at?! You don’t belong here!” Comments like this are normal to the minorities. Even so, it stings getting a comment like that! Nobody likes to be called by names. It is dreadful, and it hurts. A lot of the minorities has learned to live with the condescension. They just ignore the comments, and the hatred. There can not be a place where everyone likes everyone. There will always be a person who dislikes another, and there will always be hatred.


The Indians in the USA are a special minority. They are The Native Americans, and nothing can change that. Many Indians acts like any other US citizen. They work as any other person. They are lawyers, farmers, shopkeepers, doctors and so on. They have been pushed around for hundred of years, and they have learned to fit in to the society, - act like anyone else, and disappear in the crowd.


Even though many of The Native Americans lives a happy life, it is not all of them. Some of them still live in the reservations that they where put in many years ago. And several of these reservations aren’t exactly beautiful. They have a low economical standard, and the Indians who live there are poor. They do not have so much education, and they just don’t live a very good life. Many of them have become depressed, and some have even developed alcoholism as a cause of this. It seems like they are in a mean circle. They can’t (or won’t) get out of it. It has been like this for hundreds of years, and maybe they think it is suppose to be like this,  


Of course, these aren’t all the reservations. Some of them are actually in a pretty good shape. The Indians who lives there are happy with their lives, and they are pretty satisfied with the way things are. They get good homes, nice friends and so on.  I can say the same thing about the elderly people. Not all of them are racists, and hates the Japanese, but some do, and it is still too many, as it is still too many Indians who live a bad life in the reservations and it is still to many Afro-Americans, Latin-Americans and Asians who experience racism everyday. It shouldn’t be like that. Everyone should live a happy and peaceful life in the USA. In the End, it is still The Country of Dreams.

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19.04.2006 15:33

BRA!!!! tusen takk. dette hjalp meg verry much

Mari Y
28.04.2008 19:05

I think it is horrible the way native americans have been treated troughout the history.
The native tribes in northern america worshipped the nature kinda like the lapps and the northern vikings did a long time ago, here in Scandinavia and Russia.

But than someone came and ruined a sivilization that contained a
life with respect for nature and wildlife, just because the
native americans had a very different way of understanding nature than
the western world did. Or at least most of it.
I am ashamed of that even today people ruin the
basis of existance for native populations!
Look at south - eastern Asia, South - America,
northern America and even here in the north!!
We have lots of reason to respect that kind of life,
and even learn some of it. I mean; look at whats
happening to the echosystem...
Argh!...Verden vil bedras...
We owe the native americans a lot of respect.
Some times I cant help but wonder how the world
would look today if the people that actually came
to america 400 years ago had at least tried to understand the native americans
life out in the wild, and at least respect them...

09.02.2009 02:22

I must say, I'm impressed by your writing here, you write flawlessly, and your material is interesting enough for me to sit here, reading the entire page through, at 2:20 AM in the morning. Even though I have to go to school in a few hours.

I appreciate any Norwegian who gets what it means to write English correctly. I weep over all the people at my school who have no clue how to write properly, it breaks my heart.

So congratulations, you've successfully written an extraordinarily well written text, and I'd appreciate if you continued  Smile :-\)

11.05.2012 23:14

thank you for the information .. i was in needed for that words

29.04.2010 08:53

theres quite a lot of usefull informations in this text of yours, and yeah. your writing quite flawlessly - makes me happy so see that some scandinavian can write properly  Very Happy :-D

19.05.2016 19:41

Setningsoppbyggingen og grammatikken noen steder trengs å forbedres mye. Ellers bra skrevet

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