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My Last Words

En person med dyp kjśrlighetssorg.
Sjanger:DiktLastet opp:26.12.2004
Tema:Sorg og savn

I want to sense your present

In my mind

I want to be paralysed by your mysterious eyes

I want to hear your kind voice

Whispering gentle words

I want to feel your warmth

Whilst we grow attached

I want to melt into your body

And sense us becoming one


I donít want to live without you

Itís killing my joy of life

I donít want to be away from you

It makes me too blue

I donít see how anyone can understand

How much Iím longing


Please canít the past

Become future and present

Please canít you come back

And wipe my inner tears away

Please canít you still love me

And let me feel every breath you take


Iím lost in the memories

From earlier years

Iím not willing to realize

That those times are gone

Iím trapped in how things


Just as you know

Iím dying in old thoughts

Of you

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