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The young man, who wanted to see the buffalos

En ung mann som drar ut i verden for å fange bøfler.
Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:02.12.2004
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Once upon a time, in a land not so far away from here, there was a war. The war was between the afro Americans and the Americans. On the American side there was a very brave young man. He was fighting for his country, and in a heroic action he was promoted. He chose to get sent to a fort. He really wanted to see a buffalo. So he spent his days on this fort with a strong horse and a curious wolf. He was just waiting for further instructions from his men, but after a long time he realized he had to start saving his food. Because he didn’t got so much left.


This one night, when he was fast asleep, some weird noises awaked him. Someone was trying to steel his horse. Lucky for him the horse got away and came back to him. So now that he knew that there were people around him, he saddled up his horse and started his journey. After a long time, he found a woman by a tree, as he got closer he could hear that she was crying, and he saw that she was hurt. He put her on his strong horse after she had passed out. He brought her back to a camp where there were some afro Americans. They didn’t want anything to do with him, so they shouted at him whit a language he never had heard before.


But after a while, they wanted to get to know this young man. One day they came to the man’s fort, they didn’t understand what the other person said. But the woman that the young man saved used to talk the language that the man talked. And the holy man from the afro Americans wanted her to talk to him, and tell him what the young man said. The young man and the woman spent very much time together. She tought him their language, and he helped her with his language. The afro Americans accepted the young man.


This one dark night, the man woke up and ran outside to see what all the noise was. And there they were! Hundreds, maybe thousands of buffalos. So he hurried to the afro Americans land, and told them what he just saw. All the afro Americans packed their things to go hunting for the buffalos. And when they found them, there were so many buffalos. More buffalos than the young man ever thought he would see. The young man became a hero of the afro Americans when he saved a young boy from being attract by a buffalo.


The relationship between the young man and the woman got better. The man tought of nothing else than her. He really loved her. The woman loved him too, but she was still in sorrow of her dead husband, so she could not show her love in front of the afro Americans. But the young man and the woman’s love were so strong that they met secretly, expressing their love to one and other. The holy man finally told the young woman that she didn’t have to sorrow any more. This gave the young man and the woman the chance to get married, and they did. The woman was so beautiful that the man could hardly hear what the holy man said. And the woman didn’t think she could ever be happier then she was now. She finally found the man of her dreams.

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