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The new guy

Fortelling på engelsk om rasisme. Skrevet i 10. klasse.

Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:30.11.2004
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I looked up at the new boy, he was tall and had another skin colour than me. Some friend of mine had this stupid idea to make fun of his colour. And I was so stupid and joined them.


Blackie, Blackie, Blackie, are you a nigger. Yes you are. And so we continued . We was the worst type of people in the world I thought, when I got home. I told my mom that this new guy had started on our school, and I told her that he seemed nice and all those thins you say about a new gut to your mother. But even when I thought the things we did to the new guy, who was called Joseph. I think I didn’t have the guts to tell the guys to stop.


After a few days of teasing him, some of the guys found out that we should beat Joseph. I said no, lets stop here hmmm? Lets just stop. I felt that I had been independent from my friends. But could I be like this forever?


I soon noticed the answer, and the answer was no. After a short period of time, when me and my friends was down at the youth club. And when we walked out of the club, Joseph was hanging there with some new friends. When Mike (my “friend”) decided to go over to him and start a fight. He started with a punch in the face, then one in his stomach. When Joseph fell down on the ground Mike started kicking him. He started whining like a little mouse, it was sad to watch.


So then I said to my self: this cannot go on, I must stop him, now!!


Hey knock it off would you, hey Mike stop that. Mike just looked stupid on me.

“Do you want a ass whoopin` to??

Ok now Chris(my name) you pissed me of.”

He came over to me with his fist stamped with my name on them. I put my fists up and got ready for a hammer punch in the face. He came closer and closer, I started punching I the air. Suddenly I hit something hard, and then a cracking sound came.


Chris you maniac you just broken my nose- Mike said.

Mike started crying, -hey yo pussy stop bugging Joseph- I said –and don’t come back Mike-.


At last I had been brave and been Independent….


So after this incident Joseph and I have been the best of Friends.


I am going to write some thing about racism:


Racism is one of the biggest social problems in the world today. Every day, even right now, people get harassed, beaten and killed because of the colour of their skin.


Racism is a modern phenomenon. That doesn’t mean ethnic minorities didn’t suffer earlier in history, but the ideas behind the suppression they were exposed to was different from those of racism. Racism was born when imperialism and capitalism grew forward. The imperialists justified their robbing of third world countries with racist ideas. For example, they tried to convince Europeans and Americans that African people were inferior in intelligence, and therefore suited perfectly as slaves. Their black skin was also looked upon as the opposite of Christian ”lightness” and ”whiteness”. Colour of skin has been irrelevant in most of mankind’s history. Human beings have always travelled and met other people.

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Jonas Søraa
18.05.2006 20:20

Masse was/were feil ?

18.05.2006 22:09

d va en fin historie, mne dessverre alt for dårlig innhold å språk... masse vis av feil og norsk engelsk.... en ren 2er

14.03.2007 19:22

dt var en fin historie jg skulle gi dg en femere for dt

15.03.2012 21:07

Historien var fin, men engelsken var ganske teribel. Jeg skal bruke fortellingen som inspirasjon på nynorsktentamen imorgen.

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