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The Brunost robber

Gøran skal en tur til Norge for å skaffe seg noe brunost. På veien treffer han MacGyver og en psyko med pompehagle.
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Once upon a time there lived a strange farmer son called Gøran.

He was a good citizen of the small, Swedish village Fiskby.

He had two brothers, a sister, a mother and a father who he lived with. Gøran’s father always complained on him because he vas so lazy.

One day decided Gørans father to challenge him. He sad:

-Gøran! If you manage to walk all the way to Norway, and back to get me some brunost*, I will never complain on you again.

Gøran had to sit down to think for a second, then he sad:

-OK, that’s a deal dad, if you can promise me that I inherit this farm if I make it...

Gøran was the youngest in the family, so it was really his older brother, Hagge who should inherit the farm. But Hagge was a good man. He allowed Gøran to inherit the farm if he would bring some brunost to him also.


The next morning, Gøran had already packed the things that probably would be useful to him during the trip: A bunch of polkagriser**, a sleeping bag and a lot of money to buy brunost*.

Gørans father had walked to Norway once before, and he was one of the three Swedes in the whole country who came back alive. For there was a big problem whit travelling to Norway: A psycho*** with a shotgun who shoot everybody who tried to take brunost to Sweden. The reason to that was that he was from Norway, and thought that Norwegian brunost should stay in Norway. And because he was unemployed and needed food....


Gørans father lost his best friend seven years ago on that trip. And now it was Gørans turn to take it, alone!

He sad goodbye to everybody and promised to return alive with the brunost.

When he had walked a couple of days he met a strange man with hockey haircut and a very handy pocket knife.

-Hello, sad Gøran.

-Hello, sad the strange man.

-Where are you going?

-To Norway to get some brunost.

-Brunost! Can you buy some to me to? Here’s the money.

-Ok, sad Gøran. Where shall I meet you when I come back?

-Don’t worry about that, I will find you...

-Ok, see you Mr....?

-You can call me MacGyver, Gøran. We’ll meet again.


He got a little confused and looked down. How did he know Gørans name?

Gøran was just going to ask MacGyver about that, but when he looked up again, he was gone!

Gøran walked to it got dark, then he jumped into his sleeping bag and fell asleep.


The next day started whit a giant BOOOOM!!!

Gøran bounced up, scared half to death.

When he started to get back to his mind again, he sat down for a second.

Then he thought about the psycho Norwegian man his dad had told him about. It must have been him, shooting with his shotgun!

I need to be careful now, Gøran thought.

If not, I might be shot!


Gøran packed his stuff together and walked carefully through the wood.

-Yes!!! said Gøran. He was finally there. The brunost shop was right in front of him!

-Next, please, said the lady in the shop.

-Three brunoster, please, said Gøran.

-Ok, that’s 192,50.

-Gøran found the money, paid and started the long trip home.

When he was almost at the border he suddenly heard a large    

BOOOOM, again!!! Gøran turned around really fast, towards the sound and guess what he saw!

It was only MacGyver who was making bombs out of some rind and a bubblegum...


Gøran was really surprised. He was expecting a psycho, Norwegian killer with a shotgun, but it was only his good friend MacGyver.


-Hello Gøran, he screamed.

-Hello MacGyver. What are you doing here?

-I am on a mission from the Phoenix foundation. My assignment was to take a psycho Norwegian killer with a shotgun to capture. I caught him yesterday. Now I’m just chilling out here in Sweden, and making some bombs.

-Ok, said Gøran, with a wondering expression in his face. Here’s your brunost.

-Thanks. I must go now, but we’ll probably meet again, Gøran. Goodbye.

-Goodbye, said Gøran, and started his long way home.


But now he didn’t have to worry about any psycho Norwegian killer anymore, thanks to MacGyver!  



*=Brunost, or brown cheese is a Norwegian cheese who taste delicious on fresh bread.


**=Polkagris is a Swedish candy who taste like a lollipop.


***=A psycho is a person who needs to control his/hers environments. The psycho is often charming, but doesn’t have the ability to understand other peoples feelings. A psycho likes to cause his/here closest different forms for pain. Mass murders are almost without exceptions characterized as psychos.

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English Niss
04.04.2006 17:46

ok! thats was a very fin tekst! I dont understand alt, but it was sansynligvis funny Smile :-\)

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