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When the world went under...


Sjanger:DiktLastet opp:17.11.2004

It came with the shadow

It came with the wind

You held my hand

Skin against skin.


When the world’s going under

And I start to wonder,

If life’s worth living

I can here you singing

A song about trust

A song about us.


It was meant to be

But you couldn’t see

That when you're here with me

My life can not be.


You held me through darkness

You held me through rain.

But at my worst

I do did burst

Cause you couldn’t believe

That I couldn’t receive

The love you had to give

The way you helped me live.


I was afraid of love,

Be hurt again,

And I was insane

When I couldn’t stand the pain

I wouldn’t hold my tears

I wouldn’t face my fears


I did reach my fame

Though it did cause you pain

But I had to let you go,

See you standing alone

With nothing left but shame

Nothing left but blame.


It was my time, I had to leave

Cause I really didn’t love it here,

Don’t feel guilty, don’t feel bad,

don’t forget the times we were always glad,

and forget the love we never had.


My life was stole,

But not by you,

So when you hear that, never think it’s true

You tried to help me, but it didn’t worked

Cause deep inside I want it to hurt.


Please forgive me,

And see it true my eyes.

I had to leave,

Cause I couldn’t feel

The love I felt for you,

The love that wasn’t true,

The love was made of lies,

The love was in disguise.

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