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Livet til innbyggerne i Everville blir aldri det samme.
Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:07.11.2004
Tema:Science Fiction
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Every single inhabitant in Everville sat around the huge bonfire that night. Old McFarning was almost done with his midsummer-speech which Peter thought had lasted eternally.


Peter was a nosy young elf who was as extroverted as possible in the little village. When McFarning’s speech was over the euphoric crowd started applauding madly. The six, bony old ladies at the front row once again agreed that this one was his best midsummer-speech ever, as they had done for the past hundred and twenty seven years. They had just reached their hundred and fifty seventh year which was pretty old, even for elves. When McFarning sat down, looking very pleased with himself as he always did after speaking, the bony sisters approached him, complementing his spectacular speech. Peter, along with the rest of the youngsters sat down on a bench besides the bonfire. When Peter’s best friend Dillon started on his world-famous jokes, (at least in Everville) Peter spotted a boat approaching the northern shore. It was a boat unlike any other he’d ever seen before. It was black with sails that looked almost transparent. It had dim front-lights which barely lighted up the water in front of it. Peter sat gazing at it until Petch snapped him out of his trance with a nonchalant grin: “Ey, Wonderboy, what’r yeh lookin’a?” And the boat was gone. “Didn’t yeh see tha boat?” Peter asked. “Eh, no, I think yeh mind’s trippin, Petey.” Dillon said. Peter let the matter drop even though he was perfectly aware of what he’d seen.


Suddenly the sky was on fire. A huge dragon flew over them, breathing fire. It was Red and black with yellow glowing hostile-looking eyes. The town had a protective shield but due to the bonfire they’d had to take it down. So now the dragon could severely harm them. Dragons weren’t a rare sight so most of the people didn’t even react. But when they realised that they were in danger they all panicked. Old McFarning started shouting: “Get into ‘em mines!” The peaceful crowd started pushing each other out of their way. Everyone was only thinking about getting into the mines themselves. The perfect idyll was broken. Everyone was running towards the mine entrance. They had been taught what to do in an emergency such as this one, but it had slipped their minds. Two of the old sisters got downtrodden in the massive race. The rest of the people successfully managed to get into the mine. At least that’s what they all thought. But Peter and Dillon had frozen and hidden under the bench they were seated on. And while everyone was running towards the entrance they’d been lying still as petrified.


When all the other elves were gone, safely into the mines the dragon vaporized and a boat came falling down from where the dragon had been. It was the same boat Peter had seen earlier. The boat landed on the top of the fire and extinguished it. A stranger rose from the boat. It was a man, a black hooded man who Peter was sure had no good intentions. And he was right. After laughing an enormously vicious laughter he sealed the mine entrance with two huge boulders. Screamed: “yeh irritatin’ elves aren’t gettin outta there easily” and disappeared.


It took a while before Peter and Dillon dared to leave their hide-out. For all they knew he could still be there wearing an invisibility cloak, hiding behind a bush or likewise. They pulled themselves together and got up. The place was totally wrecked. They heard voices from the mine entrance and approached it. Peter started with a vague: “Hello?” And soon got an answer from within: “Get us outta he’ Petey!” They had to try to push the boulders away. After a lot of hard work they managed it. The crowd came out from the entrance, thrilled and happy to be rescued. The guards ran to their post and quickly set up the protection shield again. The peaceful lives of the inhabitants of Everville were never going to be the same again.

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