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Committing suicides in North Ireland

The conflict between catholics and protestants in North Ireland.
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I think it was very sad to read the article about young people committing suicide in Ulster (North-Ireland). I think the suicides should stop! And we ask ourselves, how? I think that maybe Ulster and Eire (The Irish republic) could get a reunion.


It’s unbelievable that 95% of people in Eire are Catholics, while the rest are Protestants and other religions. In Ulster 40% are Catholics and 60% are Protestants, and that’s why I think it’s smart if Ulster gets reunited with Eire, so the suicides would stop. Ergo if North Ireland gets reunited with The Irish republic, the Catholics won’t be bothered by the Protestants and maybe the Protestants won’t be bothered by the Catholics. It would create peace between the to parts.


Young people from the both sides are committing suicides and it makes me feel so mad and it upsets me so much! And the fact that people is committing suicide in so called “peacetime”, is making me even more frustrated and angry!


I can almost feel the pain of the other families and their relatives when they are committing a suicide. I’m really mad about that and this article I’ve read, gave me a lot of thoughts about these suicides. I think that no one else but only themselves can feel the pain of losing someone they have loved or known.


I think that the police doesn’t help at all in this situation in Ulster and I think that the prime minister, the politicians or someone at least should do something about it instead of watching people killing themselves. I don’t think they have done a lot about it.


We must help the youth to see the positive side in their lives and that they have their whole life waiting for them. I feel this is a like a silent “war” when they commit suicide. Some people is taking their lives because some one they love and care about has killed themselves and that’s just tragic…We should help them instead of letting them take their lives.

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