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The witch and the pet

Engelsk eventyr.

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It once upon a time a princess who was a witch. She was the only one who knew about the secret, she seek a handsom man who should be her prince. But actually she wanted to change the man to a
fox who should be her lovely pet. It came many suitors who thought they would be a prince. But all the men had to take a test. They had to climb up on the highest mountain in the world and came down again, alive.


It had been a serious fight and everybody who tried to climb up to the top had either fell down or been pulled down by somebody. So now it was few peoples left who could fight for the princess. But there were two, their names was Simon and Phillip. Simon was bad and terrible and nobody liked him. Phillip was a careful and a good person who wanted the best for everybody. The problem was that Simon and Phillip were enemies and Simon had tried to kill Phillip for many years.


Simon and Phillip came to the castle at the same time and both, Simon and Phillip were ready to start the competition. Simon started with throw a knife after Phillip, but Phillip caught it between his teeth and threw it back. Phillip climbed up in the moutain and he had full controll. Simon was right behind him and he tried to take Phillip's position so he could pull him down from the mountain, but Phillip had a good speed.


Now was Phillip on the top and he began the decline. He met Simon and Simon threw rocks on him and Phillip began to fall down the moutain, but with a very slow speed.


Simon was down on the ground now and Phillip came falling after in a parachute who he accidentally found on a moutain shelf. Simon began to run, because he was afraid to loose. Phillip landed, but he walked away of humiliation. Simon won and became a fox.

The Princess lived happy all the coming years with her new pet.

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04.12.2005 17:37

emm....kanskje du burde konsontrere deg om prinsessen og ikke fjellet.

11.04.2010 21:54

Haha , Den va Litt Eid  Razz :-P

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