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"The story of a Hitler youth under the blood banner" (N. R. Youngberg)

A short book review of the book "The story of a Hitler youth under the blood banner".
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Tema:The story of a Hitler youth under the blood banner
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The book is build on the testimony of Eric Kreye and written by Norma R. Youngberg.


Eric Kreye is the main character in the book, and the novel is built on a true story. We follow Eric thru his teenage in his home village Unsen, Germany. The story takes place in the early 40s under the second would war. As we read about Eric’s experiences we get to know his parents, brother, sister and friends. His family is Christian and Eric was thought Biblical moral in his childhood. The book goes in to Eric mind to follow his thought as he is searching for what he shall believe. The greatest controversy Eric is experiences in his head are between the faith in Hitler as a great ruler and his father’s faith, which are against war. The brother Hans is older then Eric and an adherent of Hitler. The little sister Irmgrad is too young to take a part of the conflict.


While Eric still is struggling with making his personal opinion of which sight he should have on the ideology of Hitler, Hitler lose the war. Together with the fact that Eric faces that a lot of innocent people had to suffer as a result of Hitler’s thirst of power, the failure of Hitler made Eric to make his final decision; he is against war and stands fully of the side of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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