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What shall we do with the human beings?

Ei historie om nokre dyr som vil stoppe verdas negative utvikling.
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Tema:Alt var så mye bedre før
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I were gathered in a meeting, with many other wise animals, of course it was most owls, because we are the wisest animals, even if you want it or not. There were owls from Sweden, Denmark, Finland (or Suomi as the owl liked to call it, it talked very weird by the way) and me from Norway. From Færøyene there was a Seagull called Fiskeslo, from Iceland there was a grampus called Keiko, from Greenland there was a cat named Huurtaskedfastra (it was a cat from Greenland because it was the only available animal when there was election to the governement for animal in Scandinavia (+ a bit more)), from Svalbard there was supposed to be a polar bear (I don’t know his name), but he didn’t had the chance to come there, because it was to warm for him (so next time we are gathered at Svalbard), and from Åland there was a shrimp called Silje-Line.Norway and Sweden had one extra representative each, it was two wolfs.


As told we were gathered for a meeting. The meeting was about animals right to live with freedom, especially the wolfes and Keiko was very upto this theme. The meeting was hold in Skålvikfjorden. Keiko was very disturbed of all the humans which were swimming around him all the time, he didn’t get the chance to sleep. Because when he wanted a rest the humans came and woke him up.


We talked for many days and didn’t got any solution from the question. But this is not so very important in this report, what was interesting was that the owl from Sweden had got a letter from Africa, an eagle had comed with a letter for all the animals in Scandinavia. The owl in Sweden was the only one who could read, the letter was written of a human being called Mowgli Jr. Jr., he was a person who loved the animal and wanted to give them more freedom. But first of all, they had to stop all the pollution in the world, not only the gaspollution but also the cutting of rainforests, the release of oil into the sea and the industry which is destroying the nature. And all the animals in the world had to participate. We didn’t wanted to kill any humans because we knew how awful that would be, we knew how it was when the humans killed someone we knew very good, it was not fun at all.


I was choosed to fly down to Africa, Serengeti in Kenya, and being the representative for the North-Europe in the meeting which was holded by Mowgli Jr.Jr. First we wanted Keiko to swim down there, but he didn’t managed, he was absolutely empty of powers after the hard days in Skålvikfjorden. So I went down to Africa, I was prepared for a long and hard trip, it was a long distance. I started the day after the meeting, I was very tired and was not prepared to fly a long distance, but I had to, I was meant to be down in Africa two days after I started. And that was almost impossible. The first day I managed to fly to Germany, I know it’s a very long distance for all you not-flying-animals, but it goes much faster in the air. The second day I flew from Germany to the shore of North Africa, and at the afternoon the third day I arrived Kenya, and Serengeti. They were about to start the meeting when I arrived, there was many different animals there, all from Tigers to Pandas. It was very fun.


The meeting started and everyone was silent. Even the parrot from Tuvalu managed to shut his mouth. Mowgli Jr.Jr. entered the speakers place. He talked in many hours about all the human beings mistakes, how they cutted the rainforest and polluted the world, there was all silent and everyone listened closely after what Mowgli Jr.Jr had to say. When he had talked enough he finally said “What do you think about human beings?, should we kill them or not?, or do we have to find another solution to save the earth?”


I turned my brain upside down to find a solution for the questions. And I found it to. I lifted my hand into the air and asked for the word. I entered the speakers place shaking all over, I turned my neck (as you can see the owls are doing in movies when it’s at the edge of the night) and saw at all the different animals, some of them was difficult to see, because the owls are normally not awake at the day, but I peered my eyes and saw most of them. The giraffe, which sat behind all the others because no one could see with he in front of them, clapped his hands, I knew him, he was from a prison (the human beings calles it zoo, weird, it seems like a happy word) in England, and it looked like he finally was free from that prison. I met him when I visited my cousin down in England. My cousin is very famous, she plays the owl Hedwig in the Harry Potter movies which is a very popular story among the human beings. I was very happy when I saw the giraffe, and it made me settle down and concentrate.


“I think that we should talk with the human beings, through Mowgli Jr.Jr. of course, because he is the only of us who can talk their language, we should tell them about the serious in this situation, it’s nothing to mess around about, we HAVE to quit this, once and for all. But I don’t want any blood, and neither do you I think, we have to kill for survive, I have to eat mouse for survive, but that’s another thing, we can solve this without blood, come on brothers and sisters, this is not a joke, it’s serious, and I’ve seen it, I’ve seen the oil flow in the sea, I’ve seen the seagulls lying dead in the oil, and it’s a terrible sight, please help us, please help me, please help yourself.”


When I was finished with the speak I met a huge applause, and I went very happy, I had managed to say what I meant without any stop. I had managed it, and I had shown the other animals the meaning with this fight.


The meeting went on, and we came to a solution where we decided that Mowgli Jr.Jr. should talk with the human beings and make them understand that this is not a joke, we are absolutley serious.


Mowgli Jr.Jr said he didn’t think that the humans would care about what he said, no one would listen to him, the humans is some evil, selfish creatures, said Mowgli Jr.Jr., I hope he isn’t right. This is very serious, and we can’t mess around with it.


We are going to have a new meeting about this problem in June. Then we will hear the result of what Mowgli Jr.Jr. said to the humans. I hope they are so clever that they will see that there is a big problem in the world.


A huge problem that we have to stop now…or never…

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04.03.2007 13:00

Bra idé og en del bra skrevet, men du trenger å få gramatikken riktig. Les engelske bøker så får du det inn naturlig. Og etter hvert som du får det til, bør du prøve å tenke på engelsk og ikke norsk når du skriver engelsk. Man ser en del formuleringer som fungerer på norsk, men ikke på engelsk. Og et annet tips i forhold til innhold: du må leve deg mer inn i rollen du har i teksten, når du er en ugle, må du se ting fra en ugles perspektiv og ikke gi forklaringer på ting bare et menneske ville tenke på å forklare. Lykke til!

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