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Harry Potter - And The Philosopher's Stone

Bookreview: Harry Potter - And The Philosopher's Stone.
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Tema:Harry Potter
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I have read Harry Potter: And The Philosopher’s Stone.

This is the first book in a series of seven (one for each year Harry will be going to Hogwarts the wizard school). The author is J.K Rowling. The theme is basically magic. I guess the peak is when Harry realizes he’s a wizard.


The book is about a boy named Harry Potter. At first sight he might look like an all ordinary boy, but Harry is nothing like what you would call ordinary. He is a wizard! He’s tall and thin, and he’s got thick untidy black hair laying down on his for head covering a thin scar shaped like a bolt of lightning. That scar is the reason why Harry doesn’t have parents, and has to live with his aunt and uncle, who are the worst sort of muggles (unmagic people) you could find. And it’s because of that scar, Harry Potter is famous, he’s “the boy who lived”. Eleven years ago a great and powerful dark wizard called Voldemort had come to power. He killed everyone who came in his way. He even killed Harry’s parents. But for some reason, nobody knows why, Harry survived. Instead of killing Harry, the spell turned back on him. So Voldemort lost all his powers and disappeared.


As many years had past, Harry still live with his aunt and uncle not knowing anything about his past. He thinks he got the scar in the car accident his parents supposedly had died in.

As you can see the Dursleys is scared to death by anything that’s outside what’s normal. So they thought that maybe if they didn’t tell him anything about his parents (that they were witch and wizard) and if they treated him the right way, they might manage to squeeze the magic out of him.

But on his eleventh birthday, a giant man came and told him everything about him being a wizard and finally gave him his letter, whom Mr. Dursley have been keeping from him for a long time.

Then Harry went off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


At Hogwarts, there are four houses Griffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Harry got in Griffindor with Ron and Hermione. At first Harry and Ron didn’t like Hermione, but after they had saved her from a great mountain troll on Halloween, they became very good friends.

As they started their flying lessons Harry got to play Quidditch for the house team, he was a natural. And the youngest to play on the house team for a hundred years! Quidditch is the wizard’s sport.

In Harry’s first match someone cursed his broom to try to shake him of! But luckily he managed to stay on the broom and he even caught the snitch. That counts 150 points, and therefore Griffindor won the game.


At Christmas Harry got his dad’s old invisibility cloack, and he started wandering around the school. In one room there was a mystery mirror, he found very interesting, the mirror showed your deepest desires. In Harry’s case, it was to be with his parents. So when Harry looked in the mirror, he saw himself with the entire Potter family around him. He kept coming back. But one day Professor Albus Dumbledore sat on a desk behind the mirror, he told Harry that the mirror was dangerous and that he was going to move it to a safer place, and that Harry was not to go off looking for it again.


Another thing these three friends (Harry, Ron and Hermione) had found rather interesting was a monstrous dog with three heads in a pass way in the third floor, standing on a trapdoor obviously guarding something. There were three things they were sure of, one: That it was guarding something. Two: The thing it was guarding was about two inches long and had something to do with a mysterious man named Nicholas Flamel. Three: Someone at Hogwarts wasn’t like they would make you belive at all. Someone, who was really supposed to help keeping the mystery object safe, was really trying to do the opposite.

So they started their own little investigation. Who got more dangerous by every move.


If you think this book sounds interesting, and you want to find out how it goes with Harry’s investigation, and what happens next, I suggest you read the book. Cause this is really a good book, and I would strongly recommend it to children of all ages.

The author shows that you don’t have to be in another world to find magic, if you look good enough there might be magic just around the corner. You just have got to know where to look, and take time to look for it. So this is really a book where you can escape from everyday life, and go to a world of wonderful magic places, and really think that this could actually be, because it’s so near our own world, so it don’t seem that impossible...

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