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Buffalo soldiers

Om indianere og svarte i den amerikanske hæren.

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The buffalo soldiers were the most hated troop in the army, because they were black. They were given used and bad weapons, little food, they got a lot of racism from their officers. The missions that were almost impossible, you know, where everybody died, that kind of missions where given to the buffalosoilders. Since white men ruled, they didn’t care about the “black troops”. So if fifty out of a hundred died, they didn’t care, they just seed some words, and “whips” they had fifty new ones.


In the army the “buffalosoldiers” took alot of crap from the white people. Back in those days there was a lot of racism, and slavery was a big problem. And most of the soldiers had been slaves before they joined the army. The name “buffalosoldier” was given by the Indians. The reason was that the soldiers didn’t stop for anything, and where as stubborn as a buffalo. In the army they always got the hard work and got the bad beds, and stuff like that, but they never quitted, they always kept the courage up.


Sometimes, when a white man was killed, the black people were often accused. The “white” people could kill ten “black people” as a punice. But when a black man was killed, they couldn’t care less, maybe they held a little ceremony, but that was all, for a white man they held big funerals.


Here is one of the buffalo soldiers. This one was given the medal of Honor, the most respected medal in the army.


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