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The New School

Om en jente som begynner på ny skole.
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“Oh…” Mary lay in bed with her pillow over her head… Her mother knocked at the door. “ It’s breakfast honey.” Mary hadn’t locked forward to this… It wasn’t a long time since she moved from New York to Seattle; to day it was the first day at her new school. When she came down to the kitchen her mother had made her French toast, her favorite food. Mary’s mother had been very nice to her after she and Mary’s father had been divorced. When her father decided to leave her mother for another woman, Mary’s mother had learned to appreciate the people she loves.


Mary’s mother drove Mary to school. Mary went to the classroom she had visited some days before. She had met the class; it seemed very polite, but still there was kind of scary to be in a totally new class full of strangers.


Mary came into the classroom and said “hi” and found her seat. The class went fine, and at lunch she sat at a table in the school cafeteria. When she sat there quite and ate her salad, a group of girls came over and asked if they could sit with her. She was thrilled and said gladly “yes”. The girls were very nice and talked a lot with her, they asked if she would come and see them at the cheerleading practice. “Yes, that would be very nice”, answered Mary.


When Mary got home, she told her mother that the girls had asked her to come and see them practice for cheerleading. Her mother was very happy for her daughter. “Maybe you should try to become a cheerleader”, her mother was very exited about this! She seemed so pleased that Mary had met someone at school to hang out with.


When Mary got to the practice she told the girls that she would like to try out for cheerleading. All the girls thought that was a great idea! The girls taught Mary a cheer, she did it well and it was time to show it to the judges. They thought Mary was a very cheerful and active girl, and decided to include her in the group. The girls went to the pizzeria to celebrate new friends and a new cheerleader!

Though Mary was not so happy that her mum and dad got divorced, it was cool to move to a new place, get to know other people and see how life is in the smaller cities.


When Mary came home she told her mother the great news and started on a letter to her father which said that she had came to a lovely school with extremely kind pupils!

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Bra! inspirasjon!

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Hvilken karakter fikk du på denne? =d

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