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The star

Et liv sammenlignet med en stjernes.
Sjanger:DiktLastet opp:12.03.2003

Once upon a time, a star shone down at my life...

The star disappeared for a while..

Not all at once,

but little by little,

night after night, just like my life

gets to end, slow but true...


As time went by, I understand the picture...

I'm not wanted,

not needed,

I'm just here to be blamed

If something's wrong. I'm just an issue...


Every night, I go to bed,

and hear the same old voice.

Its so familiar,

so gentle,

beging me to leave..

Softly I'm told, what to do,

the warm touch convinces me..

I'm crying,hurting..

There soon will be no more pain...


The star is almost gone...

When the star goes away,

would anybody see??

What if in hanging down from a tree??

Would someone see??

If no one saw the star again,

would they even care??


The knife, gentle as it seems,

slices across my skin,

My tears start to dry..

I'm no longer crying,

not hurting..

Feels like I'm flying..

like its all gone...

The star is all gone......

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