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I want to tell you about an animal which means a lot to me, his name is Bombi.


Bombi is a rabbit, a very kind rabbit. He is a little German dwarf-wedder, with brown, white, black and grey fur. Now he is three and a half years old, but still young. Bombi can be eleven years old, if he eats the right food and gets the right care. I hope he is going to live for eleven years, but as they say you never know when the time comes.


Bombi is mine, only mine. I’m not sharing him with anybody. Bombi is and always will be my best friend ever. Nobody can ever take his place in my heart. Bombi means a lot to me, more than anyone else ever will.


Bombi is a beautiful little boy. He is funny, kind, conscientious, cozy and wonderful. He is easy to fall in love with. The way he looks at you, the way he is. Everybody who sees him thinks he is a very, very beautiful boy. He is always around me. He follows me down the stairs where I am at home he is there with me. I don’t have anything against that he is around, but he can be very busy sometimes. But I love him anyway.


Bombi loves to jump in the snow. He rolls around and digs under-grounds in the snow. Bombi likes to be packed in a big towel after a long trip out in the snow. He is a strange little boy, that’s why I love him the way I do.


In the summertime we go for a long trip down to the sea. At the beach Bombi digs in the sand and makes big holes. He loves to climb in the mountains behind our cottage. Bombi likes to wear a band when we go fore a little walk in the woods.


Bombi loves carrots, clover, dandelions, grass and hay. He thinks that the red clovers are better than the whit ones. He eats forage, hay and drinks fresh water every day. Bombi knows what he wants; if the carrot or anything else isn’t fresh he denies eating it. He is a very strange and funny rabbit, nobody is alike him.


Bombi has a big cage outside and inside our cottage. He has also a big cage in my room at home. When we are going on vacations Bombi is sitting in his traveling cage inside our car. He is with us everywhere we go, almost. He is like a little puppy, full of surprises, you never no when they comes the just come.


When he was about one year old, something wonderful happened: Bombi became a father. He met a gorgeous little female rabbit. Her name was Snurra. They snuffed at each other and it was love at first look. Love was in the air. In august 1`Th, Snurra get birth to six lovely female rabbit babies. Bombi became a proud father. The rabbit babies were very beautiful. They where brown, grey, white and black just like there father. Snurra was a grey rabbit. The rabbit babies was very small when they got out, but in two weeks they got fur and started to get there eyes up fore the first time in there lives.


Bombi has been a good jumper, he still is but he has finished jumping course. He went there fore to years. Bombi was one of the best jumpers there. He got many friends there; this is some of his best friends: Jacko, Trixi, Trampoline and Snøhvit.


As you have read I love my rabbit very, very much. I can’t describe how much. Nobody can or ever will replace his part in my life.


This story is written by Linn Elise Tangen.

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07.03.2009 15:44

Helt grei tekst...

23.10.2014 09:43

It's a nice text, but a little bit boring  Smile :-\)

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