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Emma"s story

Krangling og drap. En traumatisk hendelse.

Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:05.06.2002
Tema:Sorg og savn
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-You bitch! he said while he slammed the door.

-Oh no, not again! Emma thought. Why is daddy so angry?.

-I hate you!, her father yelled loudly,

-I knew it from the beginning. He didnt move a muscle, he was waiting for an answer.    Emma’s mother looked scared, she slowly moved backwards into the kitchen.

-What have I done? She said low wile her voice was trembeling.

-Oh no! Emma’s mother thought.

 -Yes. He said cindly…then his voice turned…


-Ok ok. She said.

-I`m pregand..

-I knew it, you stupid cow!!! I saw you at the mall, with that terrible nigger!

- you know I dont like niggers, they are like animals. I hate them!!


Emma didn’t want to hear one more word from her father…she tried to take the pillow over her head but it was impossible to not hear her father when he screamed loudly;

-I have to clense my family, and get rid of you and that terrible devil inside you.

-Edvard, I love you, and I allways have, don’t you love me??

Her face was white, and her eyes was wide open. She looked terrified at her husband and whispered;

-you are totally mad!

-AM I MAD?! Whats the matter whit you Lois? The one and only person which is mad in our house is YOU!!!

-Oh no. Emma thought…this time its really bad…

-I have to do some thing, she got panic, and ran down stairs. Her parents looked angry at each other. She stood in the middle of them, and with a quiet voice she said ;

-Can’t we just forget this? I hate you both, and I never will love you two like I did before, I just want a normal family!!

She began to cry. Her fathers face was turning red, and his bloodpressure was getting higher. He exploded in anger!

-We’re never going to be a normal family again!! Can’t you understand Emma?! I can’t stand to live with a  fucking nigger in our house! Come’on Emma, I’ll show you what we do with

people like her.


Then he took Emma in his left hand, and Emma’s mother in his right. He dragged them down to the bacement, and pushed Lois down in a corner, and kicked her, then she fainted. He took Emma, and tied her to a chair. Then he hung up her mother, and did something grotesque to her. Emma’s father forced her to watch. She screamed, and tried to close her eyes, but her father had put a tape on her eyes, to hold them up. He told Emma that he wanted her to watch, because she had to understand what a terrible “mistake” her mother had done.


The End.


“For different reasons, I don’t want to say any more, but I hope that no one have to go threw what I did. This is my way to get rid of some of the sorrows for the loss of my mother..”



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19.04.2004 17:18

off... hørtes ikkje bra ut.. e det sann historie? ann va ganske god...

29.05.2005 18:19

bra skrevet, men den burde kanskje vært litt lengre og detaljert!?

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