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"Homecoming" (C. Voigt)

Kort bokrapport på engelsk av Cynthia Voigts "Homecoming".

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Book Title: Homecoming


Author: Cynthia Voigt


Number of pages: 372


The names of the people in the book:

Dicey Tillermann

James Tillermann

Maybeth Tillermann

Sammy Tillermann


Cousin Eunice




Sister Bernice

Father Joseph




Mr. Rudyard (circus director)


Where does the story take place?: By a shopping mall in Peewauket


Who are the main characters? Dicey -, James -, Maybeth -, and Sammy Tillermann


How old are the main charcters? 13, 10, 8 and 6 years old


What do you think of the main character? (Dicey Tillermann)

I think the main character is very responsible and mature for her age. She has had to grow up quickly, in order to take care of her younger siblings, and in many ways she acts like a mother towards them. She seems like a very reliable, understanding and trustworthworthy person. I would really have liked to have her as a friend, because of her many good qualities.


Was there a turning point in your story? If so, describe it in short.

I would say the turning point is when the Tillermann kids arrive at Great Aunt Cilla’s only to find that she has been dead for years, and left behind a daughter, Eunice who has never even heard of the Tillermanns! After the long and demanding journey to what they thought and hoped would be their new home, they find that they would rather live on the streets than stay there.


Write a paragraph or two where you summarize the story:

The Tillermanns are on their way to Great Aunt Cilla’s house in Connecticut. On the way they stop in Peewauket, where the four kids watch their mother disappear into the saturday morning mall crowd while they are told to wait in the car. The thing is, she never returns. Their father, too, left them long ago. So it is now up to thirteen-year-old Dicey to make all the desicions, feed them and find places to sleep. Above all, Dicey has to make sure they avoid the autorities who will split them up and place them in foster homes. She decides the four kids will continue their journey to Great Aunt Cilla’s. They have to leave the car behind and they don’t have enough money for bus fare, so they have to walk. Weeks later, when they finally arrive at Aunt Cilla’s they find that she has been dead for years, but has left behind a daughter, Eunice, who has never even heard of the Tillermanns. Eunice agrees to let the four kids stay at her house. The three youngest children get enrolled in Catholic Summer School Day Camps, whilst Dicey has to stay at home and do a bunch of chores around the house. Neither of the kids are comfortable with their new life, living with the strict and religious Eunice. In fact, they would rather live on the streets than stay there for the rest of their lives. Dicey finds out that their grandmother, whom they’ve never met is alive, and lives on a large deserted farm in Crisfield. According to Eunice she is a little crazy, but the Tillermanns are willing to take the chance. One day they “escape” from Eunice’s house and head towards Crisfield. When they get there, they realize that Eunice was right about their grandmother being a little crazy, but although she acts cold towards the Tillermann kids, Dicey instantly feels a connection between them and insists on staying. Their grandmother is extremely stubborn, but eventually agrees to let them stay. After a while she learns to love them and legally adopts them. They all start new schools, and are happy living on the farm.


What do you like/dislike about the story?

- I like the way the author describes the relationship between the four children and the strong bonding between them.

- I dislike the fact that their mother never returns

- I like the author’s vivid scenery descriptions

- At times, the story can get a little cliche, which is negative

- I like the evocative atmosphere the author has created when the four kids are alone at night.

- The storyline of four kids surviving on their own really intrigues me

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