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The return of the Titanic

Handler om Matt, en gammel fisker, som tilsynelatende møter Titanic når han er ute og fisker.

Karakter: 5+

Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:07.05.2002
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On a dark, moonlit summer night an old fisherman named Matt Burton living on a lonely island, discover a huge, old fashioned ship coming out of the dark.  As the ship is approaching, he clearly read her name: Titanic! But there are no lights and no sounds.


That is very strange, Matt thinks. He runs into the radar room to check the position and call the ship. When he comes in, very stressed, he turns on the light and sees that there isn’t any dot on the radar! No dot means no boat in the distance of 100 miles from the island.


-It is impossible! Matt says to himself. He’s knocking his head to the wall to be sure that it isn’t any dream. – Ouch! Matt says. It isn’t any dream. Then he sees that the ship came closer and closer to the island. He calls the coast police and says that it is a strange ship coming towards the island. The policeman says that it isn’t any ship on the radar and it maybe is just a dream. –But it’s true! Believe me! And her name’s Titanic! –Yeah, and I am Yassir Arafats mother, the policeman says and cut off the talk. -Well, I got to check it out all by myself then, Matt says to himself. Matt runs out of his house and straight to the dock where his big fishing boat lays. He starts the boat and drives to the ship. The fishing boat is nearly as big as Titanic. So he can just jump over to a life boat on the ship. It is very few people on the deck, so he tries to sneak inside the boat. But then a lady sees him and says: A human false passenger on board! Matt runs into the boat and walks into a door who it stands dressing room.


Why did she recognise me as a false passenger? Matt thought. Oh the clothes of course. He wears fishing clothes. But why did she call me a human? Is this a ship of death? A ghost ship? He redresses himself to a dinner jacket and walks out the door, down some stairs and threw a corridor. Then he comes to a bar. It is very much people there and he walks the bare and asks for a dry martini. Then it calls on the speaker: human on board! Red alert human on board! Matt is sure they mean him. But why? –Where does this ship goes? Matt asks the bartender. –Don’t ask so silly, it doesn’t go anywhere, everybody on this ship knows that his is a ghost ship of course, except the false human passenger.  –Yes it was a silly question, but what are we doing with the false passenger? Matt asks. –Are you drunk? You’re asking so silly questions. –Yes, of course, but what do we do with him? –We’re cut him into pieces you know. –Yeah, I know, says Matt with a scared voice. Tonight we have sailed in hundred years as a ghost ship. And now it is possible for humans to see the boat by their own eyes. But they cant see us on their radar. That’s why the false passenger have some aboard, the bartender says. Matt swallows nervously. –You’re sounding like a false passenger now, but since you have so nice clothes it cant be you. It isn’t many false passengers who are wearing dinner jacket, and you’re probably drunk. But then the woman from the deck arrives the bar and pointed at Matt saying: -There’s the false passenger! I can see it on is eyes and his moustache. Matt had forgot the woman on the deck who said that, he runs out of the room. All of the ghosts runs after him saying: -Kill him! He runs up the stairs, with the ghosts in his heels. Down a big hall, up another flight of stairs where he falls, and the ghosts came closer and closer. He looks back when he runs into a pole and fell asleep.


Matt wakes up on a bed in a white room. He is stuck in the bed and he can’t move. Where am I, Matt thinks. Then a man with a mask are coming out of nothing with an axe. And now Matt remember what the bartender said about killing a false passenger. But now it’s to late. The masked is man rising the axe and drop the axe on Matt legs. Matt screams in pain. Matt can’t feel his legs anymore and screams of all his heart. –Why me? Matt screams. Then the axe-man rises his axe again now he is looking at his head. He’s going to cut my head! The axe-man is dropping the axe on Matt’s head and Matt dies immediately. Sometimes it’s too dangerous too be curious.

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