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American Junk Meal

Et dikt om amerikansk mat.

Sjanger:DiktLastet opp:01.05.2002

Ham, cheese and sour dressing,

Coke, fries, McDonald’s dancing,

Big One, Dolly’s are not pizza,

Apple pie, donut with cafe mocha.


Jumbo Family or Happy Meal,

Cholesterol is no big deal,

Bread with peanut butter and jelly,

Chemical yoghurt with cherry belly,

Energy, mineral, nutrients drinks,

Pink, purple, blur from sinks.

Welcome to Quick Burger,

May I take your order?


Pepsi, cola, caffeine-war,

Across the country and very far,

Brown pigtails, country, Wendy’s,

Blue, giant logo, Hardee’s.

Sundays make us Vanilla shake,

Spooky ingredients, very fake.


Mysterious food-packing is fantastic,

Colorful rainbow, plastic within plastic,

Playing children with ketchup stain,

Barbie, Disney, all are in vain.


Fancies, munchkins, muffins and cakes,

Made in factories where nobody bakes.

Corn-on-cob and mashed meat,

Quick bite in every street,

Variety, freshness and quality,

Preservation, E-numbers is the reality,

Convenient, predictable and fast,

Cheap, greasy and saturated fat,

Causing cancer doesn’t matter,

Fast food nation is our father.

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