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She Ran Away From Home

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The outdoor is beeing locked silently. It’s late - almost a quarter past two at night - and a dark shadow crowls up to the garagewall, sneaking fast towards the street. In the street the shadow is hit by a lamp-post and becomes visible; a girl, a young girl, a young girl nearly fifteen. The white, soft snow descends on her head - it’s in the middle of december.


A couple of blocks later, she stops and draws some- thing up from her purse, a wallet. Searching through it, she finds a piece of paper. Then she rushes around the corner. Finally they get what they deserve! I can take care of myself, and I’ll prove it to them!


Suddenly she turns left into an alley. A lurking black silhouette moves against her, touches her shoulder before her reflexes react, and pushes her to the ground. "Ya wann ta be hot, baby? Ay’ll givv ya hot!" the dry, rasping voice whispers in her ears, long inside her body. Immobilised by her fear, she is unable to move or defend herself - she just lies there. Insted of crying, her eyes falls upon a beerbottle a half meter away. Mechanicly her righthand reaches out for it, seeks against the hostile shape and hits; all actions suddenly stops. She pulls the lifeless body aside and screams, all that she wanted to scream when she was trapped, and runs through the alley.


Around her many of the buildings had become delapi- dated. Far away she hears a scream, a helpless scream mixed with the sound of police-sirens. As she enters another valley, she notices the outline of a houseless man standing over a barrel containing some burning trash.


Maybe I shouldn’t have gone to this party anyway... She stares at the closed door, while she listens to the rythms of the heavy techno-music that streams out of the open window in the first floor. Pete, her boyfriend, opens the door: "Hi, darling! Come in and get high!" He almost falls down the doorstairs when he reels into the party. I don’t want to get high, I just want to have fun.


She succumbs to the temptation and does everything her parents wouldn’t allow her. She parties more than an hour, until something happens: "Open the door! It’s the police!" From beeing an innocent little party, it’s tur-ned into a nightmare; panic breaks out, people jump out of windows, the music is turned louder, chaos envelops the party... policemen storms in and arrest everyone. Only a couple of youths manage to avoid arrest, including Pete.


Early in the morning a policecar stops outside the family Hendersons house. The police-offiser knocks on the door. After five minuts the door opens. A tired man in his nightclothes meets the police-offiser. "I believe she belongs to you." the policeman says and points at the car.

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