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Go ask Alice!

Bokanmeldelse av "Go ask Alice!".
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Tema:Go ask Alice
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Go ask Alice is an autobiography about a girl’s diary. The writer is Alice her self, but the person who publiced the book is anonymous.


The book is about Alice who was a normal teenage girl, until she once at a party without her knowledge, tried drugs for the first time.
It was a game who went to far. She liked being stoned, and started doing drugs.
She met Chris and they ran away together. They went to Los Angeles and got their own apartment and a job.
When they went home again she promised her self to stop doing drugs, but she couldn’t resist the temptation, and she started on it again. She ran away once more and when she came home this time she would stop doing drugs, once and for all. She went back to school again and got top- grades.
The gras- gang hated her for not doing drugs any more, and tried to get her on it again, but Alice was strong. She met Joel at the university where her father worked. They got very close to each other, but it took Alice a lot of courage to tell him about her past.
Joel went back to Chicago where he came from when the summer started, but he wrote her a lot of letters.
Alice’s nightmare started when she was baby siting. Some of the gras- kids had put some drugs in her chocolate, and she started to see worms crawling on her skin. This might have been because her grandparents died just some weeks earlier and she had thought about worms eating them up often since they past away. She started to scratch her skin.
 She woke up at the hospital. Some of her nails and some hair have been scratched off, and she still felt the worms crawling on her. She was placed at a metal hospital. When she came out she appreciated every little thing, her piano, her bed and just being with her family. Three months later she took an overdose and died.


The book is about drugs, and the consequences drugs can have for a young person.
The setting in the book isn’t that important. There isn’t really one special place the story is taking place.


Alice tells the story through her diary, and it is about her life, thoughts and feelings.
Alice’s personality is split in two parts. She is one person when she’s on drugs, and one person when she’s clean. In the beginning her self- confidence is low, and she feels that nobody care about her, and that she is just a failure. But later she meets persons who really care and that means a lot to her. She is a very strong person and she(etc.: when she decided to stay clean rather than stay with her friend).


The highlights is when she is on her worst, when she don't have control and when all she wants and needs is drugs. She gives a damn in everything else!
The turning point is when she comes home after she ran away for the second time, when she decides to start a new and better life without drugs.


The message in this novel is drugs. Don't let anyone put pressure on you, stop it before it’s too late.


I liked the book, but it was be a little boring sometimes. But I think it’s good that they have publiced her diary because we learn a lot of reading it. There are so much we dont even can imagine us is going on, how they feel, and how they just don't care about anything. I think every teenager should read a book like this, so maybe they will reconsider trying drugs for fun.

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lille my
05.03.2006 18:19

veldig sammentrekt historie..du kunne ha lagt den mye lengre for å fortelle om personene som betydde mye for alice og hvordan hun kom opp i alt...

10.11.2008 17:12

Dette sammendraget er det beste hittil fra "Go ask Alice" på Daria.
Selvom det er en del ting du kunne tatt med i tillegg.
Fikk du karakter på denne?

 Very Happy :-D

08.12.2009 11:50

Har nettopp lest boka, og du har noen småfeil og feil fakta om boka og Alice.

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