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When I woke up this morning, I could feel that something new would happen. I actually could feel when something new would happen. Belive me or not, but that is the truth.


I got up, and looked around. Everything was like it used to be. Outside it was raining and I was not going to school today because it was Saturday. I looked out the window and decided to stay inside. I sat in bed thinking. I looked at the clock, it was 1pm. The rest of my family was out shopping, and later they would visit grandma as they used to do every Saturday.


I went to the kitchen and took cornflakes out of the shelf. I filled my bowl with cornflakes and added milk to it. I looked at the table while I was eating, and I saw a piece of paper. The message was that the rest of my family was going to sleep at Grandma’s house today, and to the left of the piece of paper there was a twenty pound note that I could spend on whatever I wanted. I finished my cornflakes and turned on the television in the kitchen.


The local channel was just sending boring stuff, so I switched over to Cartoon-Network. I really liked cartoons because they were so funny every time I watched them.


Suddenly I remembered that I was going to a friend of mine. But it was too late, all too late to catch the train. I called him and apologize myself for not coming. In fact I didn’t care that I couldn’t come to his house, because sometimes he could be a real jerk.


I looked at my watch, and It was 3pm, and it had stopped raining outside. I still could hear the drip drip drip when the drops from the roof fell on the ground. I dressed and went outside. I didn’t really know what I was going to do outside, but for some reason I automatically went down to Jack. I knocked at their door, but noone answered. I tried again. dunk... dunk .. dunk... I could hear some steps from the house moving towards the door. Jack opened the door.


"Hi" I said. "Hi, come in" he replied. I stepped inside, and took off my wet boots. I asked him if he was planning to go somewhere. He said that he was going to the city soon, and he wanted me to come with him. I didn’t know what he was up to, and I answered "yes, ofcourse" without thinking.


After some minutes chatting we went out again. It was not raining and we walked to the trainstation. It only cost me one pound to the city, and I had about fourthy with the money my parents gave me. "The doors are closing" the conductor shouted, and it didn’t take long until the train arrived the city. The street was filled with people who were shopping, the park was filled with kids, the ghetto was filled with pushers, and Jack was going towards the ghetto. "Hey, Jack, where are you going?" I shouted as I followed him. He didn’t answer, so I just followed. I looked around, it was disgusting, and smelled like garbage, in fact, it was garbage I could smell.


Jack went up to one of the pusher and started talking with him. Later he handed over some money, and in return the pusher game him a small bag of pills. I didn’t think, I was just looking. Jack shouted at me, and wanted me to hurry up. "What are you waiting for, get your fat butt over here, It is a great movie at the cinema soon." he said. He didn’t even mention the drugs he had just bought, and I didn’t ask him about it either. I just waited to see what was happening. "Let’s go, Its Jurassic Park on the cinema, if you don’t hurry we will miss it."


I started walking faster along the streets, and up to the cinema. We bought the tickets, and sat down. It was advertise before the movie, and it didn’t take long before the hall was filled by other who wanted to see the film. The movie started, and Jack took up his bag with drugs, opened it, and handed a pill over to me. I asked Jack "What is this?" though I knew what it was. "It is Ecstasy, don’t you know?, eat it" I swallowed it and, soon I felt dizzy, and wild. Not wild as a gorilla, but I felt happy and it felt like I wanted to do everything that I hadn’t done before. It felt like I was jumping down from the sky. I looked at Jack, he also was high, and he’s eyes were focused on the dinosaurus’es. This was my first time I ever had used drugs.

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En gang i blant skrives det kommentarer som mangler seriøsitet eller som ikke har noe med oppgavens tema å gjøre. Hjelp oss å rydde! Klikk 'varsle' nederst til høyre på de meldinger du mener må bort. Så fjerner redaksjonen kommentarene etter hvert.

09.09.2004 18:44

I lived your tekst bout drugs!!!!!!!!! hehe kjæmpe mange takk for alt!!! kiss from me a english girl hwo is about to learn norwegian!!!! love you...

21.09.2004 12:11

Heheh, Hvem prøver du å lure Camilla.. Prøv å lær deg norsk før du prøver å lure folk til å tro at du er engelsk

19.12.2007 11:53

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