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The Rebellion

Fortelling bygget på den Irske hungersnøden
Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:02.04.2002
Tema:Irsk historie
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‘Many years ago Ireland suffered a famine. Many people died because of starvation and illness. The story I am going to tell you, is about me and my family who barely survived the famine.


It all started in 1846 with the blight of the potato crop. We relied on the earnings from the potato crop to pay the rent to British and protestant landlords.


My family (mom, dad and my brother Jason) and I were poor peasants, and when our harvest was destroyed we didn’t have much food left. We had to save the little food we still had, which meant that we hardly ate anything at all. After a little while we ran out of food.


We had to move to a workhouse in a small village called Cork. It didn’t take long before everyone in the village also had to move to workhouses. People shared the little they had left of food and money, and that was how we survived.


One day a British landlord came to the workhouse we lived in, to collect interest from the poor peasants. When the British landlord found out that people didn’t have enough money to pay him, he beheaded the priest who owned the place, and took the little left we had of money. The people from Cork gathered and started a rebellion against the British landlord. Peoples rage just kept growing and growing and soon the British landlord recruited an army and went to Cork to crush the rebellion. Somehow we won the battle although many people died.


The rebellion continued over the border to Northern Ireland, and more and more people joined us. The British king got very angry when he found out that poor Irish peasants were killing his own people. He called for the best soldiers in Great Britain and sent them to North Ireland.

When we found out that the British king had sent his best soldiers to kill us, we decided to take control over the biggest port in Northern Ireland and hide out there.


We soon found out that this was the entry port for supplies to the rich protestant landlords. One day later, 12 Asian ships loaded with wine, gold and silk entered the port without knowing something was wrong. We killed the crew and entered the ships. Just when we had set sail, we could see the British army.


But there were nothing they could do, because we were already on our way to America to start a new life...

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