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The lynx

Handler om en indianer som drar ut for å finne sin 'spirit guardian'.
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Er... how do I start this story? Oh, I know! It goes like this, my friend...


Even when I was a little boy my biggest wish was to be the medicine man in my tribe, because I saw the respect he got and he held such great wisdom. Many nights my parents could find me in deep conversation with the medicine man, Howling Wolf was his name. One night, when I was fourteen summers old, Howling Wolf came to me and my family’s tepee for a serious talk. “My child, now is the time for you to go in to the forest and find your spirit guardian.” I had been waiting for this to come for a very long time now, and my heart was filled with joy. My parents, who had been listening, came and gave me a big, loving hug and their best wishes.


Later that night, Howling Wolf came over to me and said: “Boy... er... it is time for you to go. Let me show you the way.” We walked to the forest where we stopped to look upon the stars. “Now, this is where we say goodbye. Follow that star until you come to a plain. There you will be until you get your vision, after that, you must come home and tell me what you saw.”


I walked for what must have been hours, but finally I came to the plain. I sat down and began to meditate. The sun came up and down, the wind blew in my face and the rain washed my body. Then, after many days and nights, my vision finally appeared. A big and beautiful red lynx approached me with a hare in its mouth. I became hungry immediately, after all, I hadn’t eaten in several days. The lynx sat down and spoke to me with a deep voice. “I will give you this hare if you can answer a special riddle.” Now, answering riddles aren’t my speciality, but at this point the hunger I felt had become so intense that I had to try. Like Howling Wolf always says: ‘There is no point of giving up unless you have tried’. Smart man, that’s what he is. The lynx spoke again. “The riddle goes like this” he began.

‘ First think of the person who lives in disguise,

who deals in secret and tells naught but lies.

Next, tell me what’s always the last to mend,

the middle of middle and end of the end?

And finally give me the sound often heard during

the search of a hard-to-find word.

Now string them together, and answer me this,

which creature would you be unwilling to kiss? ’

At first, this sounded as an impossible riddle. But then I started to think trough what I had just heard. “A person who lives in disguise... er... what about a spy? Let’s think about that...” And I continued like that for a while. “What about ‘a sound often heard word during the search of a hard to find word’? What could that be? Er...what could that be... ER! ‘Er’ is a sound, isn’t it? Then the clues would be ‘spy- something I don’t understand- er’. What about a creature I do not want to kiss...spy- er... I’ve got it! A SPIDER!!! I did it!” I felt extremely proud of myself at this moment, it is not every day you answer correct on a riddle like that I tell you.


“Very well” said the lynx. “You can have the hare, but if you share it with me I will make your highest wish come true.” The lynx looked just hungry and tired as me, so I said it was alright. After a very good meal, the lynx and I started to go home. “About my wish...” I began, but the lynx interrupted me. “Your wish will come true when the time is ready, until then, you will have to be patient.” This sounded true enough and we walked in silence until we came to the tribe camp. Just when I was about to say goodbye, the lynx interrupted me again. “Remember, this is not goodbye. I am your spirit guardian, and I will always be with you. Now, go and find the medicine man.” Then he just... disappeared!



Well, I did what the lynx told me to, and today, twenty summers later, my biggest wish has come true. Today I became the medicine man in my tribe, and I know that all my life the red lynx has been with me...


Love from Wishing Lynx...



Note: Riddle taken from Harry Potter ‘Goblet of fire’ by J. K. Rowling

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