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Why the cats always land on their feet

Et eventyr om hvorfor katter lander på føttene.
Sjanger:EventyrLastet opp:17.02.2002

A long time ago, long before humans, the cats rouled the world along with the other animals. One day a magic mouse from outer space came to Catalonia, as they called their planet. The mouse introduced its magic skills to the animals, and they were amazed. They begged and pleaded the mouse to teach them how to do the things it did. The mouse said that it would give one species one single skill, and that the animals had to decide who would get it. This caused serious disruption in the kingdom and no one knew how to decide who would get the skill. But one day one of the cats came up with the most ingenious idea the rest of the animals had ever heard. The idea was to have a knowledge competition, and one representative from each of the different species was asked to attend at the competition. But there was a downside If you lost, you and yours would be banned from the kingdom forever. For this reason only two animals decided to join the competition. The two animals were the cat that came up with the competition idea and a dog named Skip. On the day of the competition Skip was sick, so the cat automatically won! When the magic mouse was going to give the power to the cats,which was to fly, he made a mistake and gave them another skill, to always land on their feet. And they’ve been doing it ever since!

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07.05.2006 17:22

Artig liten historie

31.05.2010 16:31

liten historie det!

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