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Money can rule a life

Oppgaven var å skrive hvordan en bortskjemt jente sitt liv er avhengig av penger.
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Lauren Morris continues with the entertaining of the guests and make sure the party it’s amazing. She is really impressed by everyone’s reaction. ‘’I had so much attention she told with a smile as white as the snow. Still, as she cuts into her three-tiered, cake and accepts a Tiffany bracelet bearing 20 diamonds, she seems to have got over the horror of having to change her plans. Although she think her life is perfect and marvellous , she has no clue about what the next years will bring. Lauren glance aside at her friends and a new emotion of luck sweeps through her. With the mirth and wealthy she is extremely beautiful, popular and sparkling. In theory her next years should bring joy, happiness and a self-confidence higher than necessary . Not an invisible and puny soul without the strength to exchange a single word to an unknown . Lauren’s world is going to fall apart and develop a person with a huge incapablity She is going to scold at her family with her lips pressed together, a situation that leads their family into hundred of pieces. Suddenly and unexpectedly, like a bolt of lightening, they send her away. A life without wealth and benefits , a life without her adorable father and her envious friends and a life without money and expensive clothes waited for her.


On a bench in the park, she sits down. As a person alone who no one particularly notice. The happiness had vanished from her face and an arrow of devastation shot trough her heart. For the outside world , she could have been a ghost, or clean air. You can call it a phenomenon which has hit this innocent eighteen years old girl.  My gaze slides down her body and my eyes gets watery just by looking, I I’ve found another of my sort. One of the invisible and hidden ones .She impact me and awakes my curiousness just by sitting there with a bended neck.


I know her from a TV show I used to watch a long time ago and I already can imagine what her life has been like. The way she rejoices air breeze across her face tells me that the joy of her life is taken away. It’s gone, deep in nowhere. I don’t know what happened , but I’m desperate to figure it out. Lauren’s mind are aching. She can’t keep it anymore. Her thoughts ramble over her past, while a grey bird fights its way through the harsh rain. Lauren think sadly about the people with ruthlessness who turned their back. An old stocky- man sits next to her, without throwing a glance at her once. Just ignoring her, like almost everyone else. To his defence, Lauren doesn’t seems oblige at all were she sits miserable with low groans periodically.A forgotten and quiet soul. Despite of the present , she definitely had a good childhood with money and curls in her long hair. I bet she ran around with make-up in her hands, instead of toys like the majority did. Maybe she will keep being upset and hid inside herself indefinitely? At least, I feel a urge to encourage her, but a deluge of fear is hitting me. Because, I am kind of shy too. Meanwhile the dry wind blew layers of fifty sand over her worn-out sneakers , I could see a group of happy kids in the corner of my eye.


After an hour, the sun was revealing the prominent lines on his face. His thin hair was barely visible, yet neatly placed upon his head. Lauren moves slightly away from the man, as if so close to him got uncomfortable. Maybe I should go over and say hello?. Make her look at me, and maybe tempt a sign of a smile? I should take a positive attitude towards her, but her pain seems to be impossible to fix. While sitting there in silence , Lauren took a quick look at herself . Dirty and unfashionable clothes with a smell of cheap perfume that reached her nostrils which lead to a unpleasant feeling. Anyway, her old £28,00 diamond watch and £1.000 pink sapphire ring wouldn’t make her happy at this point in life. Always bothered of how she is dressed up, have changed to be insignificant quicker than supposed.


Personally I believe that she struggle to get confirmation of love home. That hardly anybody love her like she is , when she isn’t spoilt anymore . I guess as a child she got so much attention because of the money and luxurious house, but now in recent time she’s worthless. I have in mind a claim which says that she got in trouble because of the wrong sight of a normal life, with two selfish parents who failed at raising her. Her adolescence must have been terrible with excessive use of money. Simultaneously as she lost the money, she lost herself.


Lauren wipes a tear away from her face, but is only troubled with more. I feel my feet starting to tingle after standing here while thousands by thousands seconds are ticking by, just to stare at her. One step at time, I move carefully towards her rying to focus at her hazelnut-brown hair. Five steps away, I see a pair of brown eyes glancing at me hidden behind a curly fringe. A smile is playing at her lips, about to great me welcome as an old friend. I open my mouth, ready to make her feel better. I consciously relax my shoulders and let my tongue slip behind my teeth while my brain is working frantically. My forehead had already started to produce sweat and I ask repeatedly ‘’How are you? I’m here for you’’ Whole-heartedly I suggest we can talk, and with a hopeful voice I propose we could be friends. Then she oddly enough started to run quickly and in astonishment away. She is one of those with a broken heart, one who never will become the same again. In less than no time, she was out of my sight and all I could remember was her shocked and sorrowful face. In addition her short summary of her feelings hang over me like a pain with a weight as heavy as a mountain. ‘’I want to be loved for who I am. I want real love and I am too scared to be abandoned again. I don’t want anyone to get the change to exploit me ever again. When I am not a spoilt, deluded and demanding teenager, I am no one’’ After a break in silence, she had whispered ‘’Money shouldn’t be an object. You’re only young once’’.

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