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Doktor Gard

Kort action-fortelling om skyting, ambulanse mm.
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”Ring”! ”Ring”! The alarm started. It had been a car accident where at least three people were dying and about five was bad hurt. It was sent out six ambulances, and on the ER they prepared for some operations.


One of the unhappy one that was in the accident was already dead when the ambulance arrived the hospital. The condition to the other once was still critically and one of them worse than the other once. He needed an blood implantation but the time was short. He needed professional help, so doctor Gard was sat on the case. Gard had experience with cases like this and knew exact what to do in this situations. Gard operated the patient successfully, and started on the next patient that had broken both legs and had his head was bad hurt. Gard operated the head and started with the legs. They where broken in three different places. The patients future was unsafe maybe he had to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Everything was up to doctor Gard. Was he going to handle the pressure, the mans future was in Gards hands. Gard fixed the legs and plastered them.


The two worst hurt patients was saved now but there was still five that needed help. The condition was not critically but they needed the help they could have as soon as possible almost everyone had cut injury and broken rib cages and other small injuries. Gard helped them one of the time and after a few hours he was finished.


Everyone that had made it to the hospital, Gard had saved. Gard was the hero of the day and he got a promotion. He became over doctor and his wage was doubled.


Rest of the day Gard and his friends, at the hospital celebrated that Gard had got a promotion and that his wage was doubled. And of course that they had saved seven lives that day.


Suddenly the alarm satarted again. Gard hopped up from the sofa and ran to the “ER”. This time it had been a gang war and to people was shot. One in the cheats and the other one in the stuck. Gard operated the one that was shot in the cheats first. He had two bullets in the cheats that had gone right below his hart and one lung had been punctured. He was lucky if survived. He was unconscious but he had still a little pulls. Gard had to think fast and so he did he operated the two bullets out and saved the young mans life.


The other one was conscious and he had to be doped before the operation. He had only one bullet in the stumick it was hard to get because it was behind the thin bowel and if it broke he would die apparently. But of course Gard the hero made it and also this young man was saved.


The clock was already four and he had to go home to dinner as always like normal day accept that he had got a promotion he could tell his wife about.

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