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My Family

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Hello, here I am just an ordinary girl, well I think I am, espesially if you compare me with my realitivs. I am just so embarest over them. I am 10 years old and live in a small town near London. Tomorrow is the big day: the family meeting of the year! Oh, the sound of family day is so horrible, that I get goosebombs down my back. The worst thing is that it’s on Friday the 13th. Something just has to go wrong. I have to sleep now it’s going to be a long, long day tomorrow!

“Michelle, Michelle wake up, we are going to Grandmother’s, remember!?”
I answered sarcasticly:
“How could I forget!”

“Cut the attiude, young lady. I know that aunt Rachel can talk a little to much sometimes, and that uncle George always has food stuck in his beard, but try to be positiv, okey?”
“Sure” I walked half asleep into the bathrom. When I was standing in the shower, a perfect idea just popped into my head. Actually, it was a plan! It took place at the family meeting, of course.

We left our house, my family and I, about 9 am. For the first time of my life I did not resist getting into the car. At 9:30 we arived at my Grandmother’s house. There she was, my DISGUSTING Grandmother, shaped with a small head and a big nose. Her skin was so wrinkled that you could wash clothes on it!
“Good morning my little favoritt girl”, and the worst her voice. (I must be deafth by now!)
“Hello Grandma”,I answerd, “how are you?”
“Oh I’m greate”
The rest of my relatives came out more terrible than ever.They stared at me. Now what did I do? I ran down the street, and there it was THE MAGIC store. I walked inside, the lady behind the desk asked me “May I help you?” she was very tall and exstremly beautiful. Actually so tall that I had a hard time hearing her.
“Well, all I want is the perfect family!”
“Lets see, hemmm...., yes her it is. Just put a little bit in the food and “poooof” something will happen. Before you know it they will be normal”
“Thank you, how mutch does it cost?”
“Nothing, you are the first to try, so it is for free.”
“Yes, have a nice day”
“Thank you!”

When I walked back to the house my knees shook. I came into the livingroom where everybody sat. “Where have you been?” Mom asked.
“I, went to the bathroom.”
“Don’t be shy, go and help your grandmother in the kitchen, now”
“Okey” the perfect opportunity came. When I was in the kitchen I took up the bottle and put a drop into the sauce the. Mission compleded!

I had to sit by my cusin Trisha, that was not my first choise, trust me. She had long dark hair down to the floor, big red eyes and a big head just too large for her body. The combination was terrible! Across me sat uncle Brian, bold like an apple. His teeth were brown. If you saw him from a distanse, he seemed theeth-less. Daniel is 43 years old, but he looked 13 because he was small like a dworf.

We had just started eating when hair suddenly began to grow out of everybodys skinn. Exept for me because I had not eaten any sauce. Something is wrong I thought. More hair grew on everbody, and tails came out. Step by step they all turned into dogs. They ran out like wild animals. It turned terrible. Every person they snift at turned into dogs too. Oh no..... then my mother smelled at me and here I am like a dog searching for food. No more humans, and it is all my fault..........!

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denne va dårlige... blei skoffa ette atte eg lesta ann...trodde ann va bedre..

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