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Mickey Mouse is Robbing a Gas Station?!

Bank robbery has influenced USA drastically over the years, but this particular robbery takes the WEDDING CAKE!
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Another stupid robbery at Jeff's Gas Station. This time, with Mickey Mouse masks. The robbery occurred (19:45 Friday 14.02.09). The following suspects were two men armed with sawn-off shotguns and Mickey Mouse masks. Two people inside the gas station were held at gunpoint. The cashier and an elderly woman. Amazingly, a man from the gas station took the chance to sneak out and call the emergency line. “Mickey Mouse is robbing Jeff's Gas Station!”, said the man. “You gotta be kidding me”, said the police. This man was so stressed that he didn't know how stupid it sounded like, but believe or not, the police arrived.

This elderly woman, Sou Mee Noh, wasn't just a regular and scared woman. She wasn't too old to kick the ass out of these bank robbers, and give them a lesson. It was said she was a retired kung-fu champion.


When the police arrived, they just couldn't try to be serious about this. When they saw these Mickey Mouse robbers, laying on the ground, crying for help, the police laughed. One of them with a broken arm, and the second one with facial injuries (according to the police report). Both caused by the retired kung-fu champion. The day was saved, thanks to the retired kung-fu champion!


Jeff, the owner of the gas station, arrived a short time after he heard about the hilarious robbery, he just had to see it with his own eyes. He gave Sou a hug and thanked her for the wonderful job she had done. Jeff was in a good mood, so she was given a check of 50 000 dollars. She used the money for opening a kung-fu training center for children who want to teach kung-fu and maybe also be a savior like Sou!

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02.05.2012 00:50

Som lektor synes jeg fortellingen var lettleselig og spennende på en hysterisk måte. Kjempebra!

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