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L'aber's philosophy.
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L'aber was born in Zimbabwe (18. mars 1967) and now lives in the barren landscape in Zimbabwe. Now much is known about his parents, but he got two sons and a daughter with his five wifes.


L'aber is a philosopher who specialises in the power to "create" his life through his dreams. Not many people knows about this man, but if you go to Zimbabwe you'll surely hear talk about him by the locals who knows about him. Many people have gone to him for guidance on what to do so the can take control of their lives again. His philosophy concentrates on the power of dream walking and control in life. Picture that you are going down a road in your dream, and if you don't take control of the dream you will walk down the road in one direction. This will lead you to beacome a lawyer (for example), but if you take control of your dream and head down an another road you will evetually become a director in a firm. This needs alot of exercise to do so you can control your dream (then your life) and how to know what you should control or else you might end up as a homless drug addict instead of a lawyer.


This method as alledgedly worked alot of times but there are no records of witnesses or articles about them, you only hear of them if you meet one has tried it. Experts have discussed if this is even possible and that we can call L'aber a philosopher or not. He means that women (because of the modern view on women) are weaker in because they dream that they are weak, and men are strong because they dream the they are strong. Although there are exeptions.

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