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Besvarelse på engelsktentamen (9. klasse)

Tre oppgaver, bl.a. en artikkel om naboskap, fra engelsktentamen i 9. klasse.

Sjanger:ArtikkelLastet opp:23.01.2012
Tema:Fag i skolen
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Task 1)

First I open all the text documents and then I started to read all the pages, second I write down some keywords to try to remind something of that I had read, third I started read the pages again and again, until a had learned what it stood on the pages. Then I took a break and played some videogames and after that I did the same again.


I think the best method is to write down some keywords, because the keywords help you to remember thing you had read before.


Task 2)

Dear student council


I hope we can arrange a festival of diversity, because this school never arrange such cool festivals as this festival would be. This school is a very multicultural; we got students from all over the world. It would be a very awesome party and we can learn very much about each culture. Each continent can have a booth, from the booth the can have some food that is very special from that continent and maybe show some famous picture. It will be very instructive and everybody can learn something.


From Jesus 1811


Task 3)


How to be a good neighbour?

In this article you going to

Learn be a perfect neighbour

And live in a perfect neighbourhood.



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In a good neighbourhood it need to be young children’s, old children’s, young parents, old parents grandmothers, grandfathers and in a good neighbourhood it need to all sort of peoples. I can give some good advice for you if you help some of your neighbours your neighbours will help you when you need help. You can be a very good neighbour if you also do nice thing to them and do NOT get ‘’enemies’’.


If you have some neighbours from another country try to be nice to them and they will be nine to you, you can learn cook from themes culture, and them can learn cook from your culture. But there are no negative sides to live in a multicultural neighbourhood.


In my opinion it is great to live in a multicultural neighbourhood you can meet new people learn thing from each other. So do you think you are the perfect neighbour and live in a neighbourhood, and remember do not get ‘’enemies’’.

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