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Christmas at the hospital

Fortelling om en gutt som må feire jul på sykehus.

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Lucas was six years old, and had been at the hospital for the last two months. His skin was very pale and the blond, curly hair he once had, was gone. The doctors at the hospital had promised him that he could celebrate Christmas at home with his family, but recently the cancer he had in his stomach had spread to his lungs and back. Lucas’ family had been told that the doctors feared that Lucas wouldn’t survive until Christmas, or not even until Advent begun. Because his body couldn’t stand more cytotoxin, and then there was nothing that could stop the cancer from disperse to his vital organs.


Lucas had just woke up and felt weak. He had to do his daily blood test and take the necessary pills. He managed to walk the hallway back and forth once, to increase the blood circulation in his body. The rest of the day, Lucas just laid in his sickbed, watched a bit television and tried to get some sleep. In the afternoon, Lucas’ mother, father and older brother visited him. They had brought a present to him since it was December 1 and Advent had just begun. After an hour they had to go because Lucas needed to rest. They gave him a big hug and told him that they would visit him every day until Christmas. 


‘’Hello sweetie!’’ Lucas’ mom said when they visited him the next day.

‘’Hey,’’ Lucas replied.

‘’How are you?’’ Lucas’ brother asked.

‘’Not very good. The nurses have to give me strong painkillers, and it makes me feel dull,’’ Lucas answered with a sad voice.

‘’Oh, then you have to remember to get enough sleep. Anyway, we have decided to celebrate Christmas on December 10, to make sure that you’re able to celebrate it with us,’’ Lucas’ father said. Lucas agreed.

‘’Where do you want to celebrate Christmas, here or at home?’’ Lucas’ mom asked.

‘’We have to do it here with my sickbed. Because I don’t bear to travel home, and I need all the equipment they have at the hospital to get food and nutrition intravenous.


The days before December 10, Lucas’ uncles, aunts and other family members visited him to have their own little celebration. When Lucas got presents he became sad, because he knew that he wouldn’t have much time to play with them. Lucas thought that the greatest gift was that he could spend his last days with the people he loved. And bring up good memories about his life and their vacations before he got cancer.


On the morning of December 10, Lucas’ nurse gave him extra painkillers, so that he should feel less pain, and have a longer celebration with his family.

‘’Merry Christmas!’’ Lucas’ mom, dad and older brother walked into his room and hugged him carefully. They gave him one present each, that they had chose wisely. From his mom, he got a signed baseball from his favourite baseball player. Lucas smiled from ear to ear when he saw that it was signed by Derek Jeter. His dad gave him a heart-shaped necklace, and inside the heart was a picture of their dog and Lucas’ grandpa, who both passed away last summer. Lucas got a warm feeling inside when he saw his beloved dog Miles, and his well-protecting grandpa George.


Before Lucas got the last present, they ate rice pudding. Lucas managed to eat half a bowl. His older brother had the last gift. He gave it to Lucas, who unwrapped it.

‘’Wow! Thank you very much,’’ Lucas said with enthusiasm. It was a family album fully loaded with pictures from their vacations and other happenings, and every family member where represented with at least one picture. After about two hours, Lucas had to rest after everything he had done despite his disease.


He fell to sleep with a smile around his face, after looking through all of the pictures. Nobody knew if he would be alive on the real Christmas Eve, but the important thing is that he has been gathered with his family and got some beautiful presents. This shows that Lucas was a special little boy, who got his whole life ruined by cancer. How unfair.

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Veldig bra tekst Smile :-\)

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wow for ei historie fekk nesten tårer i øynene WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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