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The UFO mystery

Menneskeheten står overfor en gedigen trussel. En tekst innen "mystery"-sjangeren.

Karakter: 4+ (9. klasse, engelsktentamen)

Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:13.12.2011
Tema:Science Fiction
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The story begins in small city called Sugar Lake City not fare from Salt Lake City. You might starting to get it now, yes the story has its out spring in USA the land of fat people, lawyers, dangerous people, and of course taxi-drivers. But the story is not about them. Instead it’s about a guy named Ray, Raymond to be accurate. He was a local UFO-hunter. He loved to haunts for UFOs and out of space things, like comets, spaceships, aliens, and of course UFOs.


But back to the story! Ray was 13 years old in 1963, and he was out on his first camping-tour alone, in the Sugar High Mounts. He had rigged up his tent, and was about to sleep when I saw a strong light on the sky, it was big and he couldn’t see properly. Suddenly the stranger lightning thing flow away in a hyper-sonic speed! The wind increase and hit Ray back to the ground. This was his first UFO-experience. And he got and ecstasy on haunting UFOs and he couldn’t stop it, he was addicted.


Ray is now 28 years old and a grown up man, he are still hunting UFOs. And he has seen dozens of UFOs, mostly in Nevada and New Mexico; he believes that the US government is hiding confidential information about UFOs. He has notices big UFO-activity around Area 51 and believe that UFO are more commend than people thinks. And his dream is to prove it, but people are very hard to overcome. The won’t believe on UFOs they thinks that the videos Ray have made is false, it’s hard to prove that UFOs exists. But Ray is still hoping on a revolutionary video that will prove that UFOs exist.


The year is now 2011 and Raymond are 61 years old, still his hunting UFOs but his not so fit that he just to be. He is now a professor with doctor grade in UFOs. He is one of Americas biggest UFO-experts and has written several of books and articles. He are still waiting on his revolutionary videos and pictures to prove UFOs-existence. People are harder to overcome now, than in the 70’s and 80’s. He believes that we will experience UFOs and everybody will believe in UFOs very soon maybe so early so 2020. We never know what the future will bring, he said. I Hope that his right.


The year is now 2018. Raymond is 68 years old and is suffering from lymph-cancer and have just some weeks left to live. And people have still not believed Raymond’s stories, books, and videos about UFOs. The third of July 2018 Raymond dies of Lymph-Cancer at the age of 68, he never got to overcome people that UFOs existed. He was a much criticized man, people was believing he was crazy and that he where smoking weed and taking narcotic drugs. That made Raymond made and said that his only addiction was UFOs. People laugh out of him and magazines were making stories on him.


The year is now 2020 and people who liked Raymond’s work where still waiting for a revolutionary breakthrough. The third of July 2020 several of UFOs was registered over big cities worldwide also Sugar Lake City experienced UFOs. They were flowing in sky for 3-4 hours before flying away in a super-sonic speed, and destroying some buildings. The next day all newspapers, magazines, internet blogs, sites and other mass media where having the same main title “Ray where right, UFOs existed”. The papers were describing how sorry they were. US government where publishing UFO documents back to 50’s. Raymond’s books, storied and videos was finally believed. Poor Raymond was never experiencing that his work where believed. There were raised statues of him out of universities like Harvard, Yale and Brown. The biggest and nicest statue was placed in Sugar Lake City, the city where he was born and raised.


The years is now 2025, people are very scared that UFOs are going to attack the planet. Everything can happen people fare the UFOs and the aliens so much that they order US government to buy and produce atomic bombs to destroy UFOs if they attacks.


The year is now 2030 the UFOs has attacked the planet killing 11 billion people and destroying the hole planet. The atomic bombs where now match for the UFOs high advance laser-guns. Good bye humanity!



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