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The American Revolution

Book review of "The American Revolution 1774-1783" by Daniel Marston.
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This book called “The American Revolution 1774-1783” is part of a documentary series called “Essential Histories”. This book is published at the Osprey Publishing in 2002.


The author, Daniel Marston is most likely a history professor because of his detail knowledge about the American Revolution but I couldn’t find any information about him.


The series “Essential Histories” is made to give the reader a deeper understanding of history. (My mother has more of them in her bookshelf).


The Place it happened is the United States between 1774 and 1783.


The book gives a detail explanation of the war between the Americans and the British in Massachusetts. The reader gets a nice impression how the British militia underestimated the American soldiers. The American troop consisted mostly of farmer’s except for the continental army.


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Well described are the uniforms, armory and weapons the different parts had.


In fact, the author explained every step from the moment of colonial agitation to the breakthrough of the war.


Most of the book is written in 3rd person but sometimes the author brings in personal quotations from people who participated in the war.


The story tells how the American and the English soldiers were fighting. Especially explained are big battles like in Lexington.


The book contains many helpful and explaining illustrations, but also a really difficult language. I can recommend it for people who like to know the history in details.


The reason why I picked this book is because I visited Lexington and Concord on my vacation two years ago.


I enjoyed reading this book even when it is hard to understand sometimes.


I think I will choose an easier book next time.



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