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Birthday, then Ludo?

Helt alene igjen i verden sammen med Ludo. Ei bikkje. Oppgaven var å skrive en fortelling om å være den siste på jorda.

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Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:20.11.2011
Tema:Science Fiction
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My alarm woke me up at 7:30 AM, I had forgotten to turn it off from the week. I really hate having to wake up early in weekends, but I just got up anyway. I got out of my bed and put on some clothes. I didn’t hear a single other sound than my own breath as I walked down the stairs of our gigantic house. I suddenly felt hungry, so I took a bowl, filled it with cereal and milk. On my way into the living room I heard a strange sound, but I figured it was only the wind outside. Suddenly out of nowhere the lights are turned on and everyone I know jumps out in front of me and yells “SURPRISE!” I was in shock for a few seconds before I realized I had forgotten my own birthday.


It was kind of weird that they chose to set my alarm to 7:30 AM and jump out in front of my face and throw me a party this early, but I just thought to myself “What the heck, why argue with the good things”, smiled and had fun. I didn’t get that many presents, mostly money, but that’s not bad, then I can buy whatever I want on my own.


The rest of the day, after the party was spent doing pretty much nothing. I just watched TV most of the time, but checking Facebook took a little while, I had to write “thank you” on all the comments on my “wall”, when I was done, I just spent some time chatting with friends. Later that day I went out with some people, we had loud music, everyone was there, I got a little attention since it was my birthday, and everything was really awesome. After about 2 or 3 hours of partying I went home and straight to bed, it took me a few minutes and I was sleeping like a baby.


I woke up the next day and everything seemed just like normal, though today it was also quiet... really quiet. I grabbed some bread and went to my computer to see if anyone was on Facebook, but no one, not a single person was on, only me. I went to see if my parents were home, when I could not find them I just thought they were out shopping for groceries, then I realized it was Sunday, and the shops were closed. It had to be some reasonable explanation all of this, I thought and went to the living room to watch some TV. I saw that it wasn’t working, so I went outside. I didn’t see a single person out, and I was starting to get a little worried.


I saw the neighbour’s dog in a leash outside their house barking happily at me, but they did not seem to be home. I went over there and knocked the door, no one answered. I checked if the door was locked, and when I saw that it wasn’t I took the dog carefully in and asked if anyone was home, when once again no one answered, I took the dog to the kitchen and got it some food. It looked like that wasn’t too stupid because the food was all gone pretty fast. I some water in a bowl and put it on the floor for the dog. I tried to remember the dog’s name as it was finishing the water too. I think it was something with Lud... Ludvik, Luda, Ludi? I called him by a few names and he just looked at me strange, then I remembered... could it be Ludo? I tried and it barked with a happy voice at me. I said it again, Ludo, and he ran around me with his tail waving.


The neighbours had been talking about Ludo being very nice, so I had to test that out, I went outside with him following me. I chose not to put on a leash, because I needed to know if he would run away or not. He just kept walking besides me, did not run away. I just remembered the fact that Ludo was the only live thing I had seen all day, so we went to see if we could find someone else. We walked around the neighbourhood for a little while before I was starting to think that no one but me and Ludo was left on this planet. We had checked all houses, all restaurants, the hotel, school, there was just no one to see around here. I went back home, with Ludo, of course, but there was nothing to do. I set up a little bed for him downstairs, found some dog food and water for him, then I went upstairs to my room. I just had to rest, everything was so weird... I didn’t understand anything at all.


I woke up, sighed, went downstairs again to Ludo, his golden fur, happy face, happy barking, happy everything, there is no use in not being happy around him, it’s just not possible. I decided not to think about the rest of the world, which seemed to have disappeared, and just be happy and live with Ludo, he is after all my only friend in the whole world now. Now, all I do is write in my diary, like this, and play with Ludo, though he is getting old, he is still happy, and still my only friend in the world. Maybe this should be in the start of my diary, but I, of some reason, chose to put it pretty accurately in the middle. I am hoping that some day, if the human race is once again not just a fairytale, someone will read this and try to understand it, maybe they will, maybe they will not, only the future will show.

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