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To tilfeldige personer diskuterer Berlinmuren

En Internett-samtale mellom to personer om Berlinmuren. Samtalen sporer litt av iblant.
Sjanger:AnnetLastet opp:19.10.2011
Tema:Europeiske samfunn

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Question to discuss:

Berlin wall?


Stranger 2: hey

Stranger 1: It's good that the wall is not there anymore.

Stranger 1: And hi

Stranger 2: didn't it seperate two different political ideologies though?

Stranger 1: Yeah. But the families were seperated too and you couldn't see each other anymore.

Stranger 2: i mean it's amazing that it worked out in execution

Stranger 2: but in theory, seperating political ideologies isn't always a bad thing

Stranger 1: yeah, but still. I like how it is now.

Stranger 2: imagine if russia had had a wall to seperate the socialists from communists

Stranger 2: i'm mixing that up

Stranger 2: but you know what i'm getting at

Stranger 2: i don't live in germany, nor did i live during the time of the berlin wall, so really i don't know if it got any better with it being torn down

Stranger 2: it's speculation

Stranger 2: we need enemies in our history books though, and a wall is an excellent scapegoat

Stranger 1: I live in Germany and I think it was good, that the wall was torn down. DDR was terrible...I heard it from someone who lived during that time

Stranger 2: DDR?

Stranger 1: I doN't know the english word.

Stranger 2: try to explain it

Stranger 2: seperatism?

Stranger 1: It was East Germany.

Stranger 2: the berlin wall reminds me of american history quite a bit

Stranger 2: we had a civil war, about relevant issues, and most people said the difference was slavery

Stranger 2: when really it was about many many many issues, namely with our constitution

Stranger 1: ah okay, but there was no wall

Stranger 2: slavery/wall still very obvious scapegoats

Stranger 2: there were other problems that were going on at the time but, people are taught and still learn today mostly about the actual wall

Stranger 2: or just about slavery

Stranger 2: our president abraham lincoln had done many bad things, and was a politician thoroughly, he used slavery as a reason for people to back his cause, and many people blame the wall in berlin for the seperatism

Stranger 2: when there was obviously other things going on

Stranger 2: in both instances

Stranger 2: but all in all

Stranger 2: good thing for the wall to come down, and great thing for slavery to end

Stranger 1: Yeah, agreed.

Stranger 2: i just wish people didn't soak up the images so much

Stranger 2: that's all

Stranger 2: when there was much more to be learned about both things

Stranger 2: but american civil war, people just think about slavery

Stranger 2: the division between the east and west, the wall

Stranger 2: BUT ANYWAYS

Stranger 2: HOW R U

Stranger 2: ASL


Stranger 1: NO o.o

Stranger 2: joke

Stranger 1: xD

Stranger 2: modern germany is a little strange though isn't it?

Stranger 1: why do you think so?

Stranger 2: little things, like the censoring that goes on

Stranger 2: video games for instance, and movies

Stranger 1: Uh yeah..that's stupid. Sometime they censor things that are totally unnecessary and harmless..

Stranger 2: there was an old game

Stranger 2: called counter-strike

Stranger 2: well there's a new game called counter-strike now as well

Stranger 2: but the old version released in around 1996ish

Stranger 2: american version, a little bit of red sprites to simulate blood when you killed someone, and they fell down like a dead body

Stranger 2: when you died in the german version, your character would sit down

Stranger 2: just.. sit down on the ground

Stranger 2: apparently it's in the new version too

Stranger 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkUuABNnTC0

Stranger 1: =O really? that's just stupid. I've once played counterstrike 1.6 but i don't know if it's the version you are referring to

Stranger 2: he lays on the ground, and puts his hands behind his head like he's being arrested

Stranger 2: yeah i was talking about 1.6

Stranger 2: well actually i played before that around 1.3

Stranger 2: but i remember seeing a video of the german version, where they just sit down

Stranger 1: that's shit.

Stranger 2: like they had been tagged or something

Stranger 1: xD

Stranger 2: do you know why they do this?

Stranger 1: for the little kids?

Stranger 2: no i mean, why germany does it?

Stranger 2: i don't think any other country goes to that extreme to censor media

Stranger 2: in america we do have one thing that's a no-no

Stranger 2: that's killing kids in games, most definitely not allowed

Stranger 1: Mmh..I think they don't want the teenagers to get violent by playing counterstrike or something.

Stranger 2: russians allow that in their games, and if we get an imported russian game, they're usually like dwarfs or something.

Stranger 2: hmm strange

Stranger 2: i wonder why germany is so worried about it's youth?

Stranger 1: they are the future after all.

Stranger 2: well yes but, there's no studies that link any of that sort of stuff to violence

Stranger 1: yeah, i know.

Stranger 2: impulse control a tad bit but, not actual violence or aggression, it actually lowers it

Stranger 1: yeah.

Stranger 1: But I have to go now.

Stranger 1: I must eat.

Stranger 2: it's like they're punishing themselves for hitler

Stranger 1: It was nice talking to you.

Stranger 1: Good Bye.

Stranger 2: you too

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