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One killer, Two victims and a little girl...

En spennende kriminalhistorie.

Karakter: 6- (Min første stil på vgs. ;)

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It took me less than ten minutes to get to the scene of the crime. The place was still crowded with people. Cops, witnesses and sadly the press. “Clark! Would you like to comment on what happened? Clark! Tell us would you…” “No! Not now, step away please!” I pushed them aside. They would have to wait a long time for comment. Didn´t they have any respect? The victim’s bodies were probably still hot. I went into the secured area and took in the scene. Dark, narrow and cold alley, with some blue doors on each side. Shadows across the stonewalls, blood on the ground. One body covered up by some trashcans and one body in the telephone box on the other side. A poor teenager was sitting alone on the sidewalk, pale and shivering in the cold. That must be the young man, Ted Berkley who found the victims when he was walking home from some party. “Detective Clark! I´m glad you arrived so soon…” I nodded to the police officer standing in front of me, trying to look untouched by what he had just seen. “The teenager, someone has to take care of him, get his story.” I began. The officer nodded and spoke into his receiver. “I want to see the bodies…” I walked into the alley as the morning sun just peered over the hill. A new day, something the victims would never have the joy to see again.


“This is Jim Corrigan, he was a security guard, also lived around here.” The man on the ground looked like he was in his thirties. His uniform was covered in blood, as well as his face. A club was lying next to him, bet he didn´t even have time to use it. “Family?” I asked, the officer looked grave. “He lost his wife a few years back, lives alone with his daughter.” I took a deep breath “get her to me.” A felt light flashing in front of my eyes, those stupid journalists! “No more pictures until I say so!” I yelled. The flashing stopped but they all looked like they would like to kill me to get something good for their stupid newspapers. The police should have forced them off scene by now.  I walked towards the telephone box. It was being searched for evidence. “Who is he?” The other victim was laying there, blood pouring out from his head. This was one of the nastiest cases I´d had in a while. “His name is Ryan Woods… Jim Corrigan´s close neighbor.” There had to be a connection. “Any evidence you find… take it to me…” I looked a the man again, “See if you can find the weapon! The killer could have thrown it in the bushes somewhere…. The bodies were taken away soon afterwards for examination. I had to catch this guy. This was the second double murder in two weeks, he was getting angry. “Clark!” I turned around and faced a woman that nodded to me in a meaningful way before she whispered “Joe Corrigan´s daughter. She knows now.”


When I drove back to the station I prepared myself. This was going to be a hard case. Why did he kill them? Was it something he wanted in the area? Was it personal? I couldn´t miss a thing if we were going to catch this guy. “She is waiting for you in your office Clark…”  The secretary, Liz disturbed my thoughts as I walked through the doors of the police station. I walked into my office were a little girl, about six years old were sitting staring at her shoes. She had long chocolate hair in a ponytail and green eyes. She was skinny and kind of tall for a kid, wearing worn out jeans and a green t-shirt. I sat down in front of her; she barley noticed I was in the room. “What is your name sweetheart?” She looked up and whispered “Megan.” “Okay Megan…we are going to help you…” “You can´t help me!” She interrupted. “It´s to late! And I don´t have a daddy anymore now. What am I going to do?” She started to cry and I held her in my arms. Even worse then seeing murdered victims was this. “We are going to take care of you. It´s going to be okay. It´s not to late darling…” “It is…” She sobbed. “The man will come back to the house and this time daddy can´t keep him out…” I tried to remain calm as I asked her. “What man Megan?” “He comes sometimes, and yells at daddy. He is always so mad. He always says so many mean things…” “What kind of things Megan?” Thankfully the girl managed to talk. She looked at me again before she continued and tried to dry her eyes. “I stay in my room as daddy says, I´m a good girl but I hear them through the window. Last time he said “or you´ll regret it, I´ll come back for you!” That is not very nice to say, right?” I nodded to her and managed to untangle her from me. “Thank you Megan for all your help. We are going to take care of you now.” I opened the door, “Why don´t you go with this officer here and buy a soda or something while your waiting?” The little girl nodded and tried to dry her tears as she ran out of the room. I had to find out who the man Megan was talking about was. It could be our killer. “Ron… do something for me…” My receiver can be my best friend. But If the murder was personal, and he had come after Jim, then why did he kill Ryan as well?


“Clark!” the same police officer from the scene came towards me. We have found some hair that Jim might have pulled off the killers head during the struggle. “Good, anything on Ryan?” “Not so far… It seems to be that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time…” “Maybe…is Megan back yet?” The officer shook his head. Not yet, Liz was on her lunch break, she offered to take the girl to a café so she could get her mind on other things while we investigate. But there are loads of journalists outside. They all want your comment on the case…” I shook my head, they would never back of would they. “Let me know when you have something new. Search the scene again if you have to, get the hair DNA results to me later…” I went outside and the flashing of cameras started right away. “Clark, who are the victims? Can you give us names?” A lady with red haired yelled as she shook her microphone in my face. “Is there a connection between the other murder last week?” a bald man in the crowd added. I answered calmly, and said as little as possible. It was too early to say more. The guy was still out there. “Clark… you there?” Ron´s voice came out of the receiver. The journalist ocean went mad as I went back inside while listening to their waves of protest. “What did you find Ron?” “On Mr. Corrigan´s phone records there is a number listed again and again, I´m thinking that might be the stranger.” I let the thought enter my mind, he could be right. “Do you have a name?” Ron hesitated and then said, well, the records say the number belongs to a young man called Ted Berkley.  My mind went back to the pale teenager sitting on the sidewalk, “Bring him in.”


I was about to enter the interrogation room when an officer stopped me. “Clark, something has happened.” I bit my lip. “The DNA results?” “No… Liz is not back and it´s been almost two hour´s. It´s not like her. It´s not right, she was going to give me the warrant to search Ted Berkley’s house as well. “ I sent officer´s in to question Ted an hurried out to my car. “Ron… get me the whereabouts on Liz Lazing and Megan Corrigan.” I checked my backup weapon and started driving out of the parking lot. “Their current location isn´t visible… but their previous one was the “Yellow Lilly” café. My heartbeat went up as I called for backup. Seconds later I stepped into the Yellow Lilly café. “Have you seen a young blond, lady and a little girl just now?” “Yes…” the waitress nodded. “They sat at that table by the window about one hour ago.” There was an empty soda bottle and some dishes still standing on the table. “Where did they go?” Just outside, I didn´t see or hear anything unusual. Is something wrong?” The waitress seemed to realize who I was and her eyes grew wide. “It might be, can I see your surveillance footage?”


A few more officers came to the scene. The footage from the camera was playing in the backroom. Finally we saw the parts were Liz and Megan entered the café and sat down by the window. Another guy wearing dark clothing went inside right after them… “Who is he? Did he order anything?” The same waitress standing beside me shook her head. “No he just sat there, really rude if you ask me.” The tape kept playing, the man went outside and a car pulled up. He got in. Minutes later Liz, holding Megan´s hand went out on the sidewalk again. She was walking down the street. The car was slowly moving as well… It drove right next to them, when it passed they we´re both gone! Get the car number; see if Ted Berkley´s got anything to do with this. I promised to protect this girl! Her father is dead, that could be the killer…  We´ve got to find them. Now.

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