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My guy is the best one

Jeg har skrevet ett dikt om kjæresten min.
Sjanger:DiktLastet opp:22.09.2011

boy, you are the most special person i know

and i have never felt like this before.

i can't imagine feeling like this with anyone else than you

and if i lost you, then the world would fall apart,

cause i love you so much that i can't live without you

and when i'm with you, my life becomes so much better

and i will always stay with you, cause there is no where else i would be,

than be with you or be with somebody else.

you are the guy that i want to share my life with and i will always be yours,

no matter what happens and i hope that we will be together forever.

you are the only guy for me and i don't want anyone else than you,

cause you are the best one ever.

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