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The Balkan is in Flames

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Terror, hunger, death, fear. This is the reality of hundreds of thousands of kosovoalbanian refugees today. Slobodan Milosevic`s reign of terror sees no end, yet. Where will all this end? Will Europe still be in war as we come closer to the 21th century?


The conflict is a result of years of tension in Serbia. There`s a region in the hart of Serbia called Kosovo. This region has had it`s own "control" since Tito reigned. Over the years, the albanian population in Kosovo grew and they were unhappy beeing under serbian authority, so the question of independence was impossible to avoid. When the serbs found out about this, they became furious. For them Kosovo is not only a part of Serbia, but it`s Serbia`s "cradle". Kosovo has been the scenario of many historical events that have been important for Serbia as a nation. The problem is that the population is 90% albanian, so there`s understandable that they want independence.The international community including Norway, have tried every diplomatic solution to solve this crisis whithout using military force. Slobodan Milosevic has continually kept on refusing any forms for peaceful agreements. So he left them with only one option and that was to use military force.


A month has now passed since Operation Allied Force began, and the bombing has made a huge impact on the jugoslavic military defences. Every day in the news, we see and read that thousands of kosovoalbanians cross the border to the neighbouring countries. These people have been chased away from their homes, many of them have lost their loved ones on the way. They come to the refugee camps with thraumatic experiences, wich are so horrifying you start to wonder what kind of human beeing is capable of doing this. The serb "War machine" is systimatically clearing out the kosovoalbanians from Kosovo. In another words you could call it ethnic clensing. Lately Nato has made it cleare that this "War machine" is the primarely target. But let us not forget that the serbian people have also suffered during this tragedy. Many of them have died because of carelessness of Nato`s air campaign. Again and agian Nato has apologized for the unecessery civilian casualties. How much more mistakes is the international community going to accept? The most recent example was when a F-16 struck a civilian truck, the flyer thought it was a enemy vehicle and engaged fire. China has also been a victim for Nato`s mistakes. The embassy of China was bombed in Belgrade. As we know China doesn`t approve of how Nato is solving this crisis. China isn`t the only nation who disagrees with Nato`s actions. Also Russia is strongly against the way Nato is handling things. Many people are against the air campaign, but they don`t have any other suggestions to how this should be solved. What would happen if Nato didn`t get involved? We would then do exactly the same mistake we did in the Second World War, by not acting at all. The air campaign may have accelerated the ethnic clensing, but if it helps to stop it sooner, then the effort is worth it.


I feel that the air campaign is necessary to stop the gènocide taking place inside Kosovo. But eventually the diplomatic channel must agian reopen, but it`s difficult to see where all this will end as long ass Milosevic has the power. Many can`t believe what is happening down there. Haven`t we learned anything? Wake up everybody, the heart of Europe is in flames.

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knut johannes
23.04.2004 12:50

En veldig interessang oppgave. En brennende tale! Synd ingen gjør noe med det...

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