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The handicap store

I was asked to write about social inequality.
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Well I am going to present the difficulties of being a salesman if you are in lack of an arm or some legs. If you are working in a store, it is important that you can be use where you are needed. Most of the time you either help customers or you need to fill in on something that it is few things of in the store. One of these things isn’t very hard to do and you don’t need 2 arms or legs to do it. But the sad truth is that it is a lot easier to be hired is you got working limbs. You might be a knuckle head but then you will be able to carry a box or two, and sometimes help customers out if it is a lot of them in the store. The way stores are constructed is holding back people who are in lack of a limb are two. To get to the storage you might need to walk along way, take many stairs or use an elevator. That might be a challenge for someone, but if that wasn’t hard enough the storage is as tight as the waist of a food lover on Christmas Eve, and where everything is laying on top of everything else. This and the wares in the store which are so high up that a normal man needs a ladder and a staff to reach them.


This is the sad truth of today. But is it impossible to prevent? I like to think not. With a little good will the easiest part would (not to be mean or anything) be to gather everyone with a handicap, in one store. Where everything is more organized and in reachable height, I think this would take a little more work at the start but if they get up a good system everything would be a lot easier, because they need to know where things are and be able to reach them. This also requires using more of the space, so people with wheelchairs could have good space to “Drive around”. But in the end I think this would be worth it, because I think the “handicapped” would take a bigger part in the modern world. Not just sit in a rehab and be hold away from the “real” world. They would also be taking a part in the community which is great. They are just normal people with “less reachability” then the “normal man”.


Everyone got something that holds them back but for some people this plays a bigger role in their normal day, and that shouldn’t be a reason to hold them out of the community. And if a store have these opportunity’s I think they should be able to show it some way. It should be like when u see those stores who have a poster outside saying “every 2% you shop for here goes to food for Africans”. Maybe they should have “we use solutions not discrimination” or something to show that they actually did a job to include people, who maybe already have had a hard time and needs to be encouraged and reminded that they also are people. They might have a disability, but that doesn’t matter because we got space!


Well as a conclusion I think that we have the opportunity to do a change, but we “normal” people just won’t do it. Or maybe just don’t see the opportunity because they only think about themselves. Any way I like the idea of a “handicap store!”

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