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Fever on Earth

En informativ artikkel om klimaendringer.

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Environmental threats

As industrialization has been developing rapidly in the past centuries, the climate has been affected by human-activities, and Global warming is today considered as our biggest global threat. What threatens the environment?


Pollution and CO2 emissions

Human activities cause emissions of greenhouse gasses, especially co2 and steam, which has resulted in a global temperature increase. This is called the greenhouse effect which prevents the warmth on Earth to come out so the global temperature rises.


Co2 is a gas which occurs naturally on Earth, during the photosynthesis; and this, along with many other factors has caused skepticism about human caused global warming, and believes that the rising temperature is natural. Today, this debate has ceased, because of sufficient evidence that Global warming is a fact. The global temperature has increased more over the last seventy years, than in 1000 years of human history.  Too much CO2 in the atmosphere is dangerous for the global climate and our ecosystems. “Fortunately,” all plants live of this gas, and makes CO2 into oxygen in their photosynthesis. In spite of this advantage, we whale down our forests and the greenhouse effect will only become more extensive.


It is mainly in the big cities that people are aware of the polluted air. According to WHO (World Health Organization), 4.6 million people dies as a result of pollution every year. People who have developed Asma, Emphysema or bronchitis are the most exposed groups.


Overcrowding population

The increasing population is a growing threat. Every human needs provisions, a place to live, clothes and many other products. The Earth is not inexhaustible of recourses, something that is significantly showing in overpopulated countries such as Japan. Over 800 million people suffer of starvation, moreover, there are several people who don’t have shelter or clothes either. Today 6.6 billion people are living in the world, which is four times more than it was one century ago. If these developments don’t change, we will have a huge problem with feeding the people.


Prevent environmental threats

No one can do everything, but each and every one of us, can do something. You can for instance make sure you have turned off the lights before you leave your house. You can start walking to the store, instead of driving; which is also good for your health. We need to change our life style; therefore I am going to tell you more about what everyone can do.


You can try to eat healthier food (mass produced food is not good for the environment), you can walk to your school/job or you can use the bus more instead of driving. You can take quick showers, you can turn off your computer when you aren’t using it. There are so many things you can do, and if everyone had started doing these small favours to the planet, we might loose some of our environmental threats or at least decrease the problem.


Although the future may seem dark, there is still a hope. The future, however, is characterized by new technology, which hopefully will save our planet. People have, moreover, begun to care more about our planet. However, it is important not just to think of things you can do to save the environment, but also start doing it.










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