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Dear Dad

Fikk i oppgave Ś skrive et personlig brev om en gutts tid i det engelske militśret. Tenkte dette kunne hjelpe noen, eller gi inspirasjon:P

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I remember the day I told you I had enlisted in the army. I donít remember it because it was a very sad day or a very happy day, but I remember it because it was the first time I had ever seen you cry. It almost made me sick, but I didnít want to show you how I felt, so instead I just walked away trying to repress everything. Because thatís how you raised me, right? Showing any kind of emotion was a sign of weakness, wasnít it? Donít think Iíve forgotten my childhood. When I was little youíd give me such a beating if you saw me crying. I would always hide under my bed so you wouldnít find me, and I spent hours there, mostly thinking about mum, and the fact that we never talked about her. It was as if she had never existed. I hated it. But most of all I hated you, and I have always blamed you for what happened to her. It was all your fault, and there was nothing I could do or say that would bring her back. Sometimes I feel like I died with her, so in a way you were responsible for both our deaths. You are a murderer.


Joining the army was the best decision I have ever made, for no other reason than the fact that you arenít here. Thatís how much you disgust me. Talking to anyone seems pointless since I have no interest in making friends. All I want is to obey orders and get out of here, dead or alive, I really donít care. And just so you know, I am writing you this letter out of pure selfishness: I want you to realize what a prick you are, and I want you to know that I will never forgive you for the things you did. You donít deserve anything else.


I hope that this letter has made you open your eyes. These are the things I never dared say, and the things I knew you would not understand. Now you must know that I will never see you again. We will never speak and you will never hear of me. I canít take it anymore, I canít deal with all the pain, and I am all alone. All I want to do is see mum again. And thatís what Iím going to do.


Goodbye dad. You will not be missed.

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