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Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Ostrowicz

Brev til foreldrene som mistet et barn i Auschwitz.

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Sjanger:AnnetLastet opp:23.11.2010
Tema:Konsentrasjonsleire og jøder i 2.verdenskrig
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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ostrowicz
Please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of Ruben. I know the feeling of losing a loved one, just like Ruben was. I will always remember the first time I saw him. The SS soldiers brought in a new group of people to the camp and the first one I noticed was Ruben. He was so young and alone when he was walking there without anyone supporting him. I decided to be his friend because I think that we all should have at least one friend. He talked about you every single day and according to him you were the best parents in the world.

He also told me that you spent all your money on crutches and braces to him and he really appreciated that. But the SS soldiers didn’t. They took his crutches and braces away from him. Behind the walls I could hear him screaming for help while the ss soldiers laughed at him. We all knew what was going on behind the walls because we had all been there, and trust me, it was horrible. ”I have never felt this helpless before", he always said when he came out. Every single day they beat him up, tortured him and yelled at him. In their eyes he was useless, but in my eyes he was brave. Never forget that your son was brave even though he suffered. He prayed every day. He really wanted to get to a much more beautiful place than this where he could get accepted and find peace. One day when i woke up Ruben was gone and I knew that he had now found peace. It hurts to write this, but I think you deserve to know what happened to your son. I know this must be hard, but your friends and family will support you. Just hold on and remember all the good things about Ruben.

With Deepest Sympathy

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