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The journey

En fortelling om to 17 år gamle jenter som drar på ferie til Hawaii. Fikk karakter: 5+
Sjanger:FortellingLastet opp:13.10.2001
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The truth is that I never forget any of my journeys, but this is the most special, memorable one. The trip was a birthday-present to 17th birthday. It was a trip to Hawaii for two weeks. That meant that I could bring a friend with me. I decided to bring my best friend, Heidi. It was a quite stressing week with all the packing, excitement and stuff.

We were now standing at the airport, ready to check in and kiss goodbye our families. I was there and then I first saw him, a tall, dark haired, one hell of a cute boy and he was coming towards me. I was in my dreams for a while because I suddenly heard Heidi yell at me from the other side of the check-in board.
- Come on now, we’re gonna miss our plane!
- I’m coming! I shouted back.
I slowly turned around and said goodbye to mom and dad.
- Well, see you guys in two weeks, then. Thank you this is a wonderful gift!
- Remember to call, honey. Everyday, ok?
- I will. Goodbye.
We hugged each other and I checked in too. I ran fast to catch up on Heidi, she was already in the plane.

- Check it out, Heidi! The hotel! It’s beautiful.
- Yes. SPICY! Let’s hurry, I wanna see our room too!
The taxi-driver put our things (bags) on the hotel-stairs. The hotel was a big bugganwille of tree and it were plants all over. We carried our luggage in and we checked in. The room was BIG! The walls were baby-pink and the furniture was real oak. While we were packing out, it started to get dark outside. We ordered food down in the café and we took it down to the beach. We watched the sunset. It was beautiful! When it was over my heart stopped beating, the boy, he was here in Honolulu. The boy from the airport, he was here and he came towards us, alone. I whispered something to Heidi and we both stared at him.
- He’s so cute, Heidi! No, cute is not good enough. He’s gorgeous! Isn’t he??
- Yeah, of course he is! What do you wanna do? Go over to him?
I didn’t noticed what Heidi was saying to me, I had only HIM on my mind. He sat down on the beach, not so far away from us. He wore a white west, and white, lose pants. Damn sexy, if you ask me. Heidi and I took our guts and went over to him. We talked and got to known each other really fast. We were out all night partying and having fun. I noticed that Heidi didn’t like him so much and she also said this:
- He’s all yours. I don’t like him that way, you know, and besides you gonna make that HOT couple.

Sorry, forgot to tell that his name is Kevin and he is 19. He is here by him self. The plans were that he and his girlfriend is gonna meet here, but she never showed up. They had problems in their relationship and now it’s over.

One night Heidi didn’t feel very well so it was just Kevin and I that night. We went down to the beach and we were talking and bathing. We were playing in the water when he suddenly pushes me, I fell down in the water and he lies down next to me. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes.
- I think I’m falling in love with you, Elisabeth.
Then he kissed me sore. I can’t tell how happy I was, my dreams came true. We were out on the beach all night. In the morning we went back to our hotel. We held each other’s hands now. We were a couple.

- Elisabeth, come! I wanna show you something!
I ran down to Kev, and lay down in the sand next to him. Kevin and I went away to an another island for 4 days. Actually it was Heidi’s idea. She stayed at the hotel in Honolulu with some new buddies. Kevin took my hands and looked at me with those amazing cute eyes.
- This weekend is wonderful and I will never forget it. I love you, Elisabeth.
He kissed me careful. He stood up and ran into the water and he called for me, I went after him. We stayed up and chatted all day and night, just like a married couple. We always had a subject to talk about. It’s incredible how much we have in common. In the evenings he took me to the nicest and most romantic restaurants. It was the last night it happened, the thing that in fact changed my life. We were in the most famous restaurant on that island. We were waiting for the food to come, and he took up a little box, a ring box. He opened it. It was the most beautiful ring I ever seen. It was an engagement ring. I was shocked. I couldn’t breath. He went down on his knees and he smiled happier than I ever seen him.
- Will you marry me?
I got really scared. The thoughts rushed through my mind. I can’t engage myself at the age of 17! I don’t know him that well! I didn’t know what to do! I just ran away. I took the first plane back to Honolulu and started to pack. I left Hawaii the very next day.

Yesterday I got a letter from Kevin! We haven’t kept in touch since Hawaii. He misses me, and he want to meet next week…

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05.06.2007 22:00

Dette var ikke en 5er assa..veldig brå og dårlig slutt, skrivefeil også

29.10.2007 14:58

Nydelig fortelling! Smile :-\)

27.05.2008 17:09

enig med "meg". en del skrivefeil også. .
Søt historie da..! det er kanskje en 5-.

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