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Tough Love

Dikt om håp og kjærlighet.
Sjanger:DiktLastet opp:19.06.2010

You make me fly

Fly skyhigh

Rise to the top

Untill i can’t see the ground

Untill there’s no sound

There’s alot of emotions spinning around

But damn, why is this so hard?

You mean so much to me,

Why can’t you just open, and tell me what you feel about me?

Tell me you feel the same way, and just stop playing these games!

When i look at you, it’s like i’m in a diffent place

It’s just me, you and your beautiful face

With almost no space

I can feel your touch, your soft skin, next to me

I just want you close, closer than ever

Just me and you forever

I just want you to be happy

Because that’s what you deserve

I want to prove to you that i love you

But that’s the hardest part.

Someone’s always in my way,

Fighting for your love.

I think about you all the time,

Why aren’t you mine?

We have som much in common

I just wish you can see what i see , someday

Hopefully soon,

Cause i’m hardly breathing right now.

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