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Beautiful Thief

Handler om en jente som er forelsket i en godgutt. Etter en stund gjør han noe hun aldri hadde trodd han kom til å gjøre.
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I am going to tell you a story about a girl called Ella. She was very cute. She had big blue eyes and rosy cheeks. She was very confident and nice. Ella was in love with a boy named Tom. He was a year older than Ella. He was a very good looking guy. He had brown eyes and brown, long hair. Not too long, but long enough. He was very kind but at the same time very strange and mysterious.


Ella sat at the cafe drinking coffee. She was in her own thoughts when she saw Tom come in. She was probably thinking about how gorgeous he was. Tom sat down next to her and asked her if she was okay. They talked for a while before Tom asked her if she could help him to find some cool trousers. Ella had nothing better to do so it wouldn’t bother her to help him.


Ella and Tom had been shopping for a while before Ella’s mother called and said it was dinner and she had to hurry home. Tom walked her to the end of the road. Tom hugged her and gave her his phone number. Ella was so in love! She really thought that Tom was the one for her. Maybe he was?


Everything happened so fast. Ella had no time to think what to do. Her first thought was to run and get help. She ran as fast as she could, even in her new heels. She couldn’t call the police either, because her phone was in her purse. When she got help, it was too late. They couldn’t find him. They had no chance of catching him now. Ella started to worry. Not because her diary was in her purse or because her phone was there. It was because she had all of her money there. And it was a lot of money.


Ella was angry, sad and confused. Why did Tom steal her purse? Was Tom mad at Ella for something? Had Ella done something in the past, and maybe Tom wanted revenge? There were so many questions that Ella wanted answers to, and there was so much she didn’t understand. She wouldn’t make a police report until she had talked to him. She wanted answers first.


When Tom finally came to talk to her he didn’t want to answer her questions. He just sat there. He didn’t say a word. Ella started to get really angry. She even threatened to go to the police and tell them everything. “Please don’t go to the police. I know you are very confused, and I understand that you want answers. But I can’t tell you. It’s very complicated”, Tom said. It was pretty quiet for a while before Ella said “I’m sure I’ll understand”.


Ella was lying in her bed thinking about what Tom had told her. She couldn’t believe how sweet he was. How could Ella ever doubt him? Ella felt like a fool for believing that Tom stole her purse because he wanted something for himself. It was weird that something like this could turn out to be so incredible. Ella felt so sorry for Tom and his family. They really needed her money and Ella was kind of glad that he stole her purse.


Ella’s parents didn’t understand Ella’s decision. They asked the same question over and over again. “Why didn’t you report it to the police? He must face the consequences for stealing the purse!”  But they didn’t know Tom’s side of the story. Ella was tired of her annoying parents, and their weird questions. She wanted them to leave her alone for a while.


After a while Ella met Tom at the library. Ella saw that Tom had been crying. She sat down next to him and asked what it was. Tom began to cry more and Ella wondered what it was. Tom cried for a long time while Ella held her arms around him. “My dad died yesterday” Tom finally said. Ella could not believe what she heard. Ella felt so sorry for Tom. He had no family anymore. His mother died a few years ago, and he had no brothers or sisters.


Ella was speechless. She could not believe what had happened. Tom had gone home so she was all alone. Tom was going through so much. He stole Ella’s purse because it was the last hope for his father. Tom needed money for the hospital so they could operate on his father. When Tom paid for the operation, the doctors said there was a good chance that his father would make it. But he did not.


Ella and Tom never talked after that. Tom moved to his uncles who lived far away. Either Tom or Ella was ever normal again. What they did not know was that Tom’s father never died that day. He did not want anything to do with Tom. He also knew that Tom would do anything to get money for the “operation”. The money that Tom stole from Ella was the money his father used to get the doctors to fake his death. Now he lives in a very big house with a beautiful wife and their six year old daughter.

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ojoj.. helt sykt.. men faren var en drittsekk da..

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