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Human Survival

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Sjanger:NovelleLastet opp:16.03.2001
Tema:Science Fiction
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In a dark future, the year 2150 there is an ongoing war. -A fight for human freedom. Two different sides, humans versus robots and cyborgs, are fighting the battle. Now, the robotic side is sending one of their most advanced cyborgs back to the past. His production name is “T2000”. He is a reckless killer. He is made out of liquid metal, and can therefore re-shape at any time. His mission is to kill the president of Foxtech. If it hadn’t been for Foxtech, there would never be any resistance in the future, and therefore cyborgs and intelligent robots instead of humans would rule the world. This is not something that the human resistance would like to see. Therefore, they are also sending their best unit, a Metal Gear Rex 4500, back to the year 2001 to stop the T2000. Their lives, and human survival depends on it.

The Metal Gear Rex 4500 is controlled by a Terminator too, one of the first models of Terminators. He was captured and re-programmed specially for this mission.

At 13:00, the year 2001 the MGR 4500 appears inside an Electronics Boutique shop. It has stealth, so it is cloaked. As Terminator makes it walk out of the shop, people are wondering what on earth is going on. Most of the roof was gone, and the front wall suddenly disappeared, leaving a hole in the shape of the MGR 4500. This was all caused by molecular re-arrangement system built into the MGR 4500. All was restored five seconds later. The MGR is a huge war-machine with four rail-guns and the shape of a giant T-Rex. Having the ability to fire nearly unlimited bullets, the extreme machine walked with fast and long steps along the highway leading out of Los Angeles. Speed: 500 km/h.

“Nice city,” said Terminator. It was sunny and nice outside of the MGR’s cockpit.
“Oggy and the Cockroaches are on!”
Jamie’s mother shouted to him from downstairs. “Coming!”
“Pizza’s ready in five minutes,” she said to him.

The main door opened, and Jamie’s mother saw her husband coming in the door.
“Hi guys!” He said. He was the president of Foxtech and his name was John Carter.
13:59 the T2000 arrived on the exact same date as the MGR 4500. He changed his molecular build-up so that he (or it) became a wing, and then spun himself away towards John Carters home at 1500 km/h.
The MGR 4500 arrived first at John Carters house. Terminator stepped out and walked to the door. He smashed through it. “You are in great danger, hide somewhere fast!” He said to a terrified John Carter. “OK,” Carter replied. He was terrified. Terminator went outside and got into the MGR 4500. He could see the Terminator 2000 coming towards him, or more exact, Carter’s house. By using his two extremely fast rail-guns, he fired at the wing, and also at the same time revealed his stealth. The wing morphed into the main look and shape of the T2000. The T2000 took a quick jump at the MGR 4500’s top. So fast that it was invisible for the naked eye. He then started drilling into the MGR 4500. Terminator opened the cockpit and stood up. He fired at the T2000 with an electrostatic stun gun. He then covered the T2000 with a special sheet. He pressed a button and the T2000 was turned into microscopic pieces of metal, which blew away in the wind. Terminator sat in the MGR 4500 and flew up in the air. He then disappeared. The world was saved… For now.

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31.03.2009 17:21

hva slags karakter fikk du? den va bra

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