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Christie, Agatha – And then there were none

Engelsk analyse av Agatha Christie sin roman 'And then there were none'
Sjanger:Analyse/tolkningLastet opp:16.03.2001
Tema:And then there were none
Agatha Christie
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When I started reading "And then were none" I didn’t like the book. I didn’t understand what it was all about, but I didn’t throw the book away. At chapter 3 mysterious things ..... begun and I started to like it.

My favourite moments were the moments when there was a murder. At the beginning there were ten people and they were all murdered.

The book described those moments in a very thrilling way and that makes the story very exciting.

I can certainly recommend this book to other students who like stories with a thrilling, mysterious and a bit scary contents. Because when you read this story, it is almost like you’re in it yourself.

GENRE : It’s a detective story.

NARRATOR: There isn’t just one "voice" which is telling the story. There are ten voices, but one is dominating and that’s the voice of Mr. Justice Wargrave. In the story he dies.

CHARACTERS: There are 10 main characters.

Edward George Armstrong: a young man, clever. He’s a doctor. He came to Nigger Island for a few days. The murderer pushed him from a cliff. Emily Caroline Brent : 65 years old. A very quiet person who died by a dose of chloral in her coffee William Henry Blore : He was fighting in the war. He pretends to be Mr. Davis and said that he was a detective and he had to watch over Mr. Owens jewels... He died by a big marble rock, which fell on his head Vera Elisabeth Clythorne: a scared women, very curious. She came to Nigger Island to get a new job there, but she died by hanging herself. She had an affair with Hugo Philip Lombard : He went to Nigger Island to get a 100 guineas for helping a client. He was shot dead by Vera John Gordon MCArthur : He was a general. He came to Nigger Island because there were one or two old cronies, who wanted to talk about old times. He died by hit dead with something heavy. Thomas Rogers : He was send to Nigger Island together with his wife to serve the guests, who came to this Unknown house. He died the 10th of August while he was chopping sticks for lighting the fire. He was killed by the murderer. Ethel Rogers : She was married to mr. Rogers and she was very innocent. She died by a dose of chloral in her drink. Lawrence John Wargrave: He’s a judge an he takes the charge. He is very smart and came to Nigger Island because he was invited by someone. He died by a gun-shot. Anthony James Martson : He has got a six feet of well-proportioned body ,crisp hair, a tanned face and blue eyes. He came for a holiday to the island and died instant-aneously


Ten people came to Nigger Island, all for a different reason. They didn’t know each other. They were all there to meet a man or woman named U.N. Owen. They found out that everybody was at Nigger Island for one same reason. But they didn’t know which reason. They stayed at a big house and everyone of them found a mysterious riddle in their room. It’s about ten little niggers and how they died at Nigger Island. At dinner everybody heard a voice which says that everyone is accused of a murder. Nobody had ever killed a person, they were only eye-witnesses of a murder. They also found out that the person who brought them to this Island didn’t exist. In a few days everybody was killed by the way the ten little niggers were killed. The police found all the bodies but they never found out who was the killer. One person ( the Killer) sent a letter to Scotland Yard in which he tells about his evil murders. That’s the end of the book.


The key-moments are when they found the riddle in their rooms. And when everybody get killed at a unexpected moment and how they found out that this has to do with those ten little niggers. And when they found out that, when there was a murder, a little china-figure on the table disappears.


The sub-plots were when every person suspects one of the 10 persons who are in the house. And when a gun has been stolen and nobody can’t find out how to escape from this awful place. But there never came a boat or other people.


"And then there were none" (Ten little niggers) is the title. The story tells about ten persons who came to Nigger Island. Those ten people were all killed in the same way as those ten little niggers. The ten people "were" the ten little niggers.


That little riddle....


Agatha Christie wrote a lot of detective books. Her books are still very successful. She wrote those books to please the readers. In every story you can pretend to be a detective and solve the mystery by yourself. It’s great fun I can tell you that.

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Agatha Christie
19.03.2006 14:21

Bra, men kanskje en smule svak...? Hvis det hadde vært litt bedre begrunnelser og litt mer utfyllende tekst, kunne det nok løftet den en hel del.

23.02.2011 20:41


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